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Hangman's Noose:
At 2nd level, a hangman can wield a rope noose as a net or whip, and also can use it to grapple, gaining the benefits of Improved Grapple with it. He takes no penalty on combat maneuver checks with the noose for having the noose in his hand, but he still doesn’t add any bonuses he might have with a net or whip (such as weapon enhancement bonuses or benefits from Weapon Focus) on the check. He can spend 1 minute to weave a magical or masterwork net or whip into a noose, thereafter gaining these benefits with it.

Do I still need Greater Whip Mastery to grapple at range with a noose, or does Hangman's Noose only allow me to grapple adjacent foes?

If the target still needs to be adjacent, is there a faster way to pull them towards me than using Net Maneuvering?

Scarab Sages

I'm curious about the answer to this as well, as I have a Hangman Vigilante for PFS. I'm being conservative and assuming I need to be adjacent, but if that's not the case, it would be good to know.

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