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Question on augmenting cards - Deadly Dealer feat


So, I'm looking at the deadly dealer feat for a sorcerer (before it's asked, no I can't change class... I'd rather change weapons than class, it's a specific build). My problem is that, naturally, Arcane Strike and Deadly Dealer feat don't really add a whole lot to them. My question is if there's a way to either a) augment them from an outside source, so that them getting destroyed is irrelevant, or b) enchant them so that they aren't destroyed on impact. My GM wants at least SOME basis before he'll discuss it.

Debate rages over whether improvised weapons are weapons for the purpose of the masterwork quality or enchantment. As of yet there's no clear answer.

The deadly dealer feat states the following:

Deadly Dealer wrote:
Benefit(s): You can throw a card as though it were a dart, with the same damage, range, and other features. You must use the Arcane Strike feat when throwing a card in this way, or else the card lacks the magical force and precision to deal lethal damage. A card is destroyed when thrown in this way.

The text of the feat is explicitly clear that the ammunition is destroyed after being thrown, irregardless of whether it hits or not (unlike normal ammunition which has a 50% chance of survival after a miss).

Given that you're a sorcerer, you probably have better things to do with your standard action than throw cards anyway. I wouldn't recommend these feats unless you have no choice.

Alternatively, the Refine Improvised Weapon spell could transform a card into a throwing dagger, though it's doubtful it could affect a full deck. If you're looking to have the ability to roleplay your sorcerer pulling out a card and throwing it into a solid object using legal game mechanics, this is probably a better option than the deadly dealer feat.

Normal cards would not, no, however...

Harrow cards are treated as masterwork weapons when thrown using this feat, but are still destroyed after they are thrown. A harrow deck can no longer be used as a fortune-telling device after even a single card is thrown.

There's precedence in the feat for at least a harrow deck being enchantable, since the feat treats them AS masterwork.

Might cost more to make a "masterwork harrow deck", but the precedence is there.

Only when they're thrown. They're not masterwork at any other time. And they're destroyed when they're thrown.

Only thing that occurs to me is VMC Magus and using arcane weapon to enchant the stack before throwing them.

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