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So, random idea I started working on last night, looking for any suggestions to improve it.

Half-Orc Warpriest (w/ 1lvl dip into Brawler)

Alternate Racial Trait: Toothy (1d4 Bite)
Half-orc -> use Human Favored Class bonus -> Extra bonus feat every 6 levels

Lvl 1: Brawler - Improved unarmed attacks, Power Attack
Lvl 2: Warpriest (remaining levels all Warpriest) Free Weapon Focus (Bite)
Choose a Deity that offers Animal Blessing. This gets us 2 1d6 claw attacks for 3+wis mod minutes per day.
Lvl 3: Combat Expertiese
Lvl 4: WP Bonus Feat - Martial Versatility (Weapon Focus (Natural))
Now my Bite, Claws, and Unarmed Attacks all use my Sacred Weapon damage, and have Weapon Focus
Lvl 5: Improved Disarm
Lvl 7: Iron Will, Two WPBonus Feats: Weapon Spec (Claw), Martial Versatility (Wep Spec (Natural))
Lvl 9: Greater Disarm
Lvl 10: Improved Crit (Claw)
Lvl 11: Lunge
Lvl 13: Feat, Two WPBonus Feats: Greater Wep Focus (Claw), Greater Wep Spec (Claw)

Lvl 16: Martial Mastery

Obviously there are some holes here, not sure what exactly to take for some feats, some feats like Iron will could probably be traded out for something better but I'm just not sure what...

I want to keep this PFS legal, so as far as I can tell, no Multiattack without taking a Ranger Dip for Natural Weapon Combat Style.

I chose to take the Disarm tree simply because if you disarm without a weapon you can automatically pick up the object the target drops. Not 100% sure how this works with armed-unarmed attacks (Do I get to grab the Sword if I use my Claws to disarm?) but it SEEMS like it should work.

The Brawler Dip lets me dump Int, because I still count as having int 13 for the purposes of taking combat feats.

Level 1: Unarmed Strike +1, 1d6, Bite -4 1d4
Level 2: Either Bite +2 1d6, Claw +1 1d6, Claw +1 1d6; or Unarmed Strike +1 1d6, Bite Claw Claw -3/-4/-4 1d6 each
Level 8: Bite Claw Claw +7 1d8; or Unarmed Strike (Kicks) +7 1d8, Unarmed Strike +2 1d8, Bite Claw Claw +2 1d8
I'm going to figure out the exact damage numbers later. This is all preliminary.

So, any good PFS legal feats I'm missing?

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