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Hey all,

I have a love for the iron kingdoms campaign setting put together by Privateer press though I don't care much for the different rpg system they switched to. Because of this I have done a little work porting the old d20 version to pathfinder for some fun. In this case I am looking for interest in either running the Witchfire Trilogy(think half of an adventure path) if the group needs an introduction to the setting, or a more custom and open world adventure if the group is familiar.

Either way, it will be a semi high powered game, high stat potential and reasonably high magic item availability(though some of this will be the setting specific mechanica) and some spells and items may be inappropriate to the setting and hence be rare/nonexistent. This is just the start of the setting/house rules as I don't want to blot out the sky during an interest check.

Anyone familiar with the setting may let me know if they wish to pursue one of the exceptional concepts presented in the tabletop mini's game. If you are interested in some steampunk action but are unfamiliar with the setting let me know and I will either explain some more for you or point you in the direction of some good reference material.

Sorry if this was a bit long winded, just wanted to get the concepts across.


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Consider me interested. I bought the PDF a while back and will have to dig it out.

I have pdf's I can share for the books that matter. Some of the adjusted classes and gimmicks had to be homebrew adjusted and fiddled with. Like the ranger for example, instead of just making them no magic(odd and tough thing to do when the thing old version gave them to replace it was favored terrain which vanilla ranger now has) when you choose ranger you can now choose between ranger(affiliated with circle druids unless some other organization makes more sense) that has the magic, or scout allied with some form of military(choosing from one of the ranger archtypes that forgoes spellcasting).

Damn I'm long winded tonight. Anyways I look forward to some interesting discussions and potentially good gaming with you. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to get back to you expediently.


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Always been interested in the setting, just not the war game. I'd be interested in something

Colour me interested also - I've a Trollkin Fell Caller that I've played in IK games gone south that I'd love to rekindle given the chance.

Interested in this as well.

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Certainly interested, I love the IK rpg setting, my group played the original and had a long running game that sent us all over the place. I wouldn't mind possibly revisiting a character concept or two that I had put together for it either.

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Very interested as well!

I'm interested but unfamiliar with the setting. From reading an overview I am interested in playing a gobber, how would they be handled archetype and feat wise, as the normal paizo goblin stuff doesn't fit ?

Now this I can sink my teeth into, since I have more time to play in Pbps. I do have a couple of questions:

A) Did the gun mage get converted into the Pathfinder wizard spellslinger archetype?

B)How are you doing steamjacks and the mages who control them (I can't remember the name)

C)Lastly, how are the firearms translated over?

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Interesting interesting

Given the nature of the game, have you considered gestalt?

I've only played one game of iron kingdoms but it was glorious

I played a storm knight/Warmage I think it was called and I called myself other trifalgerson (when I unlocked a third class I went with some sort of enchanting class I can't remember the name of)

I loved that game, we had an ogrin who used a customized battle cannon for a weapon, and we had my guy who eventually invented a wearable Steamjack and kicked all kinds of ass

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First of all, YAY for interest!!

Now lets get to the questions and comments.

Black Dow: I'd love to have your fell caller along as it is a very flavorful class and trollkin are lots of fun too.

Yokaiboy: Gobbers are a bit of an interesting dilemma I hadn't had to address previously. I believe stat wise they would use the goblin as a basis, while flavor and archetypes will trend a bit more towards gnome with a bit of halfling mixed in for good measure.

Stormcrow: I decided the wizard archetype didn't suit the flavor of the gunmage so well. Instead I did it up as a magus archetype which better matches the 6th level casting and the more martial aspects of the class. I might be amenable to letting you use the wizard version if your looking to make more of a spell slinging artillery type, though it may need some adjustment.

The steamjack rules port over fairly well without much messing about, basically big constructs/golems which are a bit smarter but are fuel reliant. As to the warcasters(and warlocks if anyone is interested in them) they will still be prestige classes, though the prerequisites are a bit different than initially published(same for most of the other prestige classes)

Firearms are one of the biggish reworks from a pathfinder point of view. Instead of them being fairly rare and mostly unknown/unexpected weaponry, they are fairly prolific. This plus the differences in powders(IK uses a binary blasting powder instead of black powder as we know it) makes the rules a bit odd. I tend to favor the IK version of firearms though reloading is adjusted a bit. This also means they target regular AC instead of touch in most circumstances.

I hope this answers your questions and gives you all hope for the future. Any other or new questions feel free to ask

@ lord foul: I wasn't really considering gestalt for this one as thats a power level somewhat above both the setting and my comfort level to GM at this time. There are however more than a few options for building characters with both spellcasting and martial prowess without gestalt.

the storm knights are a military organization that I would likely have you roleplay into if thats the direction your wanting to go with a character. Basically it would allow you access to the specialized armor and weaponry that makes them so unique.

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I've got a couple of character ideas I'd like to consider, both from our 2nd campaign we were running (25 years after the original timeline) that died out for a number of reasons.

One is a Nyss sorceress who is trying to create Nyss Arcanika. She had some strange things she'd made to help her deal with the heat, including a rather cool (haha) cloak that was a kind of portable air conditioner and oversized battlefan. She had a fair intelligence and high charisma and dex, and carried a nyss claymore because, well, she's a nyss.

The other was a Cygnaran wizard who had been involved in research into advanced stormchamber designs. He unfortunately ran into an accident while perfecting his creation and his soul was trapped in the mechanical mite he was using as a testbed for the prototype. He didn't remember much but became self-aware from within the mechanical body and found that his magic had changed from wizardry to sorcerery (impossible bloodline because it just fits so nicely with the concept). He pretends to be a simple construct, most of the time, and uses a special use of ghost sound to talk by creating his words with it (if you have ever watched Babylon 5 and heard Ambassador Kosh speak he sounds a lot like that in my mind).

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I'm kinda leaning towards an Ogrun field mechanick (although I'm not sure what class that equates to)/Bounty Hunter (at least those are the archetypes that I would have chosen in the old system, now that I have had a chance to look at it.)

I'd be interested; always thought the setting looked interesting. Need to do a bit more thinking as to what, specifically, I would play though.

Is there a players-guide equivalent for the Witchfire Trilogy? Don't want to fall in love with a character only to find it's not suitable for the campaign.

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I'm interested, but the only character I've ever played, I don't think I could use without gestalt, so I'd need to think of something else

Unfortunately there is not a players guide, but I could do a general breakdown if needed. The uber basic is just to be either politically neutral, or in the favor of cygnar or at least not a huge openly sought criminal in their lands.

Honestly I have run the trilogy a few times over the years and if it'll work out I'm leaning towards a more open campaign so that your not stuck on the rails that is that sort of campaign. The big ideas in this direction are as follows:

1. problem solvers on retainer to a rich patron. Allows some direction and lets me basically give you "missions".

2. Independent company of _______. Could be thrill seekers, archaeologists, criminals, or other less orderly conglomeration. This would be the most free form of the options letting you take on any objectives or challenges you feel you can handle.

3. Mercenary company, whether in charge or as newish squad of recruits placed together. This would allow us to start with missions assigned with leeway as to how you complete them, and then progress to the point where you choose your own direction and activities.

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I've usually had good luck with the Mercenary Company idea but as I expect the focus would be more on "dungeon crawling" than social interactions I have less of an interest in it when it comes to PbP.

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I am down for whichever.

I am not familiar with the trilogy or system.

Consider me interested too. The Iron Kingdoms are an interesting place to visit and I've been looking for an excuse to burst out the myrmidarch magus archetype for a whirl.

When in the IK timeline are you thinking of placing this? I haven't kept up with the lore since the edition swap (sadly) but it seemed as things were heating up significantly and that may affect the flavor a bit : )

Of the three options I think I prefer 1 or 3, simply because aligning the life goal of a pbp group can be such a hassle - at least when people hardly know eachother and characters. But I wouldn't mind transitioning into a more free-form game after a while when the general group motivations are ironed out.

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I could either go with the retainer idea or merc group. Done both and had good results with them. What system did you decide on? Pathfinder might be a little hard to shoe horn into the setting maybe..?

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It's not as bad as you might think. The changes are relatively minor and mostly related to specific classes. Skill requirements for fears and such are east to account for. Somewhere I have a conversion off at home that details it all nicely.

System is definitely Pathfinder, I have already done most of the conversion work and have ideas about anything not done up already.

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Couple of questions:

1) Do you feel that you have enough interest for an actual recruitment;

2) If the above is yes, do you have a link to the conversion material that we are working with?

Sorry if I'm being pushy, I'm just excited to get started. Thanks!

don't have a link for the material yet, it's some work I still have to do.

as to the other question if anything there is too much interest =)P. I will do my best to get some specifics together and get the group firmed up.

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Id love IK again!

IK? Count me in! I'm an all-time fan of Gunmages, so consider myself applying for the job (or playing some kind of trollkin if the role is already filled).

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So how has the possible prep for this been going?

Posting to show interest. :)

Have pretty much alll the rules in book or PDF form.

Also have "Rivet Head 28's guide to mechanica" (^_^)

Own mutliple copies of the original 'Whitch Blade' modules. I buy them when ever I see them in the 'Bargan bins' around the gaming shops.

How weird/extreme/strange might the DM or other folks be getting?

Why yes, I do know how to make a fully functional 'Mechanika disintegrate staff'. Ask me how. XD

Please enjoy some heavy metal fan-fiction while we await more developments about the game:"Flight or FIGHT"

I would be interested. The old d20 RPG was actually my introduction to Warmachine, and only now have I gotten into the miniatures game. Is there a timeframe to play yet?

Hello gents. Sorry for the long wait with no reply or information. Life happened as it tends to do and I had some issues that kept me from pursuing the enjoyment of gaming.

Now however I am looking to get things rolling finally if any of you are still interested and available. I am not thinking play by post exactly. I am looking to run something like it but slightly more active and with at least occasional VTT game sessions using roll 20 most likely. Between those sessions I'd like to use a chat service(Either skype or discord) to handle things. Mostly RP activities and other out of combat actions. I'd like to have everyone post or comment or chat at least a little most days. Real life does happen and I understand that and have work that will be somewhat in the way as well, but I believe I can handle at least a little each day with my phone if nothing else.

Anybody interested in the game style let me know and we'll work on the theme and what kind of activities you'd like to take on. Personally I'd prefer to go with something a bit more free form than the witchfire trilogy, so either a company of adventurers or members of a mercenary company. Good news is either way you start you could transition to the other if minds get changed.

Ah... sorry but my time schedules and time zone would make it difficult to participate in such format, me thinks.

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Are we talking voice chat or text chat? That changes my interest immensely. I have the worst sort of Southern drawl despite being well-educated, so I find voice chat to be unsavory. I am very much interested in an Iron Kingdoms game, so if it is text chat expect something soon.

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Yeah, I don't really have the time for a voice chat version so that would leave me out as well I'm afraid. I could maybe do a once a week thing on a sat/sun depending on time.

Liberty's Edge

Unfortunately, at the moment I am swamped in RL and could not make the commitment....really sorry...

First, thank you very much for even remebering myself and offering the reminder/invite. (^_^)

Sadly though I am afraid I would fall into the same category as Jereru in that radically different time zones and varying shift work make something something... a something something. (^_~)

All the very best to every one.

To address the voice/text issue most of the thru the week stuff would be text. Doing daily voice would be prohibitive. The only time I would like voice would be for the occasional meet up style sessions where we could handle any more important combat encounters in a slightly quicker fashion, but even then it wouldn't be mandatory.

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In that case I might be able to handle it. I'm certainly willing to give it a try at least.

Works for me. I would have to do the text/chat stuff after 6 or 7:00 pm EST Mon through Friday and any time on weekends, pretty much the same for voice. I'll still leaning towards gunmage or warcaster.

Ah! *Nods* A social get together sounds wonderful! (^_^)

As for 'What' to be... I'll get the "Satyxis Warmage" bid out of the way early. :P

Will we be utilizing things such as 'Rivethead28's guide to all things mechanica'? I seem to remember that the mechanica rules as written are... not as polished as they could be....

@PSY850: My home inter webs are pretty unreliable so Skype et al. tend to be very problematic - couple that with work ramping up and some overseas vacation ahead of the festives means, that while I greatly appreciate the opportunity to pitch, I'll gracefully bow out on this occasion.



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