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Investigator using a rogue talent

Rules Questions

I am trying to understand and use this right so any insight provided would be appreciated.

I am playing an investigator with the accelerated drinker trait. I am wondering if I take the rogue talent Eldritch conduit would I be able to drink 3 potions in a standard action?

The trait allows a potion to be drank instead of a move action and the talent states that you can drink two potions during a standard action.

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Amric wrote:
... the talent states that you can drink two potions during a standard action.

That's not what my copy says. I re-downloaded Magic Tactics Toolbox just to be sure I had the latest, and mine says "As a full-round action, a rogue with this talent can use two potions, ..."

So it's not that you're using a move action to drink the one potion and a standard action to drink the other, you're using ONE full-round action to drink both. Accelerated drinker lets you drink a potion as a move action rather than a standard, so it does not help.

Thank you.

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That's a pretty interesting talent either way. Particularly if your investigator has enhance potion and extend potion.

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