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PFS - Not Max DC Offensive Caster


Friend wants to prove (to some particular in-duh-viduals) that you can have an effective attack caster without a 20 in the casting stat and every single stacked DC enhancer possible.

We've both seen some in play, but don't know the exact builds. He is thinking probably an arcanist, but isn't firm on that yet.

So what do you suggest for builds?
What spells have the best effects even if the save is made or don't even allow a save (things like Acid Arrow and Web)?
Anything else we should take into consideration?

Sovereign Court

CL is very important.
Level dips for static damage.(crossblooded sorcerer is usually the norm)

What expected level? I can certainly come up with a few things that function great at low levels and could be considered an "attack caster", and higher levels can just be about pumping up the CL (not DC) of battering blast and throwing multiple (8+) 10d6+10(or more) balls of force at things (intensified quickened spell, intensified empowered/maximised as a standard action)...

Heck, I know a "redneck wizard" who only casts magic missile from his 'pappy's shotgun (arcane bond blunderbuss) with a ton of metamagic who is surprisingly effective (even in the damage department) up until at least 11.

Or just telekinesis. 15 large "swords" at 2d6 (or 3d6 or more) each can wreck someone's day. Especially if that caster is a Marilith Graveknight with Channel Destruction (4d6 fire) applying to each. And that was just the projected image of the Marilith who is actually 100' away... Through a tunnel... With 2 of her three blade barriers already set up... It was a fun fight.

Sovereign Court

Best effect if you make the save? Burning disarm, level 1. If you save, you drop your metallic weapon. If you fail the save, you just take some damage.

Throw in something like Dazing metamagic, or make it cold damage and winter mystery for Oracle for freezing spells and it's save and drop weapon, fail and be slowed.

I feel dirty for even suggesting it, but you might want to have a look at Battering Blast. Ranged Touch Attack - there is a save, but only against the Bullrush effect, not against the actual (force) damage, as far as I can tell. And with the damage you can get up to, the Bullrush effect is strictly secondary.

It's all about the CL with that spell.

Sovereign Court

The reflex save on battering blast is to avoid going prone after the bull rush. Doesn't reduce damage or avoid the actual bull rush attempt.

Etheric shards is a good one to couple with battering blast. The save is just to avoid the bleed, unless they can see invisible. Thought it's a different list, so probably UMD on a scroll.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Depending on the level, you can do tricks like limited wishing Geas. Standard action, no save. If you word the Geas right, it can be very powerful.

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