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tattooed mythic legal PFS??

Rules Questions

Scarab Sages

Tattooed Mythic needs Craft Tattoo 5 ranks, but I know crafting is illegal.
Could I take skill points in it and just not use it? I ask because I don't think the prestige class itself isn't illegal... so how else could you take it?

Silver Crusade

You can always train crafting skills in PFS, and use them for a day job, even if you can't actually make stuff. That's what my blacksmith does with craft: weapons.

As for the archetype, what book is it from? Check the additional resources page to see if it's legal, and if it has any special PFS rules. Sometimes they change stuff when crafting is involved, such as wizards automatically getting Spell Focus at level 1 instead of Scribe Scroll.

Sovereign Court

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Yes, according to Additional Resources, the Tattooed Mystic is a legal prestige class.

The crafting feats are not legal, but as Fromper said, Craft skills are legal and one of the three skills any character can use for their Day Job check.

Scarab Sages

Cool. Thanks guys.

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