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Suggestion Request: Encounters for an Irradiated Swamp


My players are approaching the end of a chapter in my custom campaign. The next leg of the journey is going to take place in a large, irradiated swamp. The players will likely go from level 10 to 13 over the span of this leg of the journey. Undead are a good, big choice, but I want to emphasize more on mutations and other fleshy horrors, so aberrations and mutants of all sorts are more what I'm looking for. I was wondering if the community could suggest some good monsters for this purpose? There's a LOT of them to comb through and I am feeling overwhelmed.

PS: Lovecraftian stuff gets an extra bonus. This is a cosmic horror story.

Sovereign Court

Marsh Giants in particular the brineborn ones would fit your game perfectly.

Blighted Fey templates on Nymphs and other favorite fey creatures for some fun.

The mutant creature template is of course quite easy if you have some favorite monsters you want to use.

Boggards tribe in general, they are often disturbing.

Mongrel giant template works well too, add it to Trolls, Ogres, most likely mongrel giants of marsh giants.

Catoblepas are good horror monsters.

Froghemoth, at least one encounter.

You'll want at least one dangerous ooze, right? A vespergaunt, perhaps, or an advanced colour from space, or a brain ooze with a bunch of levels in a psychic class.

Deep ones.
Maybe some mi-go passers-by, in the wreckage of their fancy space ship.
At least one spawn of Yog-sothoth.
Fleshwarps (ew).

Lantern Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Merrow are aquatic ogres. That seems thematically appropriate.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Are they taking Con damage as they travel through an IRRADIATED swamp?

That's should make for some entertaining decisions.

Also, why not make some Aether Elementals described as 'living masses of radiation?"

There are numerous Templates out there that you can tack on to creatures to make them more entertaining.

Oh, they run into a swarm of Stirges? Do they know it's an "Apocalyse Swarm" ?

Ngoga ( ) are large cyclopean like apes. That seems like it might fit the mutation theme. I believe they are CR 7ish? So a couple or 3 might be a sufficient challenge.

These are all excellent suggestions. I deeply appreciate it, guys!

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