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Melee Feysworn? Feysworn of Ragadahn Build Ideas!


I'm looking to make a human Feysworn of the Lord of Water, but with a twist: I want to go in from the Skald archetype Serpent Herald and be a sort of fanatic undying cultist. My DM had rules that the Feysworn Resurrection ability does indeed let me come back albeit with the caveat of being on the first world, but with the plane shift ability I can make it back easily. So I want him to be essentially fearless, willing to die over and over in an endless spiral until the dragons of the world acknowledge Ragadahn as their true father.

Problem is, I know nothing about skalds. At all. Is this concept even viable? Even if its more flavor than efficiency.

My idea was 2h weapon, vital strike to make up for lower BAB, using the archetype form as much as us useful.

Still, you're resurrected and 'held in her living state only by the Eldest’s will'. Ragadahn will extract whatever extra service he wanted without difficulty. Also you can't get that plane shift ability before character level 10, from levels 1-9 you're no more undying than most.

That aside, the feysworn PrC doesn't advance all class abilities the way the evangelist PrC does; this makes it a poor choice for anyone with many class abilities besides spellcasting. Skalds (and anyone else other than some full spellcasters) lose out badly when they take the feysworn PrC.

I don't know what boons Ragadahn grants, but you're looking at them to save this character from mediocrity.

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