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Rules Questions

What happens if a Magaambyan/Collegiate Initiate or Arcanist ceases to be Good?

RAI? They can't take more levels in that class or prestige class until they atone.

RAW? Diddly squat. I would have thought they'd put what happens if you cease being the required alignment in print because people would ask questions like this.

Dark Midian wrote:
RAW? Diddly squat.

Is that true? I know you lose access to a Feat when you no longer meet its prerequisites. Doesn't that also apply to Prestige Class levels?

The Exchange

Same problem as the Hunter...

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This is common among many alignment-restricted classes/prestige classes. Some are simply...more forgiving...than others.

Basically it's the Jedi/Sith changeover trope. The Jedi doesn't grow weaker for becoming a Sith. He can still do everything he could before being tempted to the dark side.

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