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Summoning an Akata

Rules Questions


Void Bite (Ex)

Akatas hold hundreds of invisibly small larval young within their mouths, spreading these parasitic creatures to hosts through their bite. Only humanoids make suitable hosts for akata young—all other creature types are immune to this parasitic infection. The disease itself is known as void death.

Disease (Ex)

Void Death: Bite—injury; save Fort DC 12; onset 1 hour; frequency 1/day; effect 1d2 Dex and 1d2 Con damage.

An infected creature who dies rises as a void zombie 2d4 hours later; cure 2 consecutive saves.

So a question about this creature. It is available to be summoned using Monster Summoning II, and only stays for 1 min per level. What about its bite? Could summoning this and it biting someone cause an outbreak where you summoned it? The parasites that are left behind are technically a disease so I can't think that would go away because the spell ends, just like poison doesn't cure itself if the monster you summoned goes away (does it?).

I was thinking this could be used as an interesting adventure hook for PCs where they inadvertently cause a swarm of these to spread around them.

I like you're thinking.

I always thought the Akata was cool yet underpowered (has untapped potential.)

The CRB artwork shows the tentacle-mane of the Akata should be an attack, as it shows an iconic grappled / entangled in the tentacles and being dragged away.

Yet the Bestiary entry for the Akata says nothing about this potential.

Silver Crusade

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Note that if you're playing in Golarion, more specifically PFS, you can pick an Akata from Summon Monster II only if you worship Groetus.

D20 scrubs the relevant information but the source for it is Pathfinder 64, Beyond the Doomsday Door, in Groetus' Deity article.

Now that that's out of the way, the Akata does gain the Extraplanar Subtype, other than that it mentions nothing about the bite.

So Tieflings in a party should be on the front line when fighting these? These things are Nasty! The figure looks cool, but I just can't bring myself to throw some thing this evil at a party...

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