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need clarification for Ambush Awareness in DTT

Roleplaying Guild General Discussion

Grand Lodge *

I want to use Ambush Awareness in my PFS character,but i found that none of the feat I could find matchs its prerequisite.

Ambush Awareness( from Dirty Tactics Toolbox pg.12):

Ambush Awareness (Combat)
You are always on your toes and rarely caught off guard.
Prerequisite: Awareness.
Benefit: If you are unable to act in a surprise round
because of failing a Perception check, you still roll
initiative normally. You can act on your initiative count
in the surprise round, but you can take only the total
defense action.

Is Awareness the misprint of Alertness? Or does it mean the Awareness Human Alternate Racial Traits in Inner sea race pg.31?

this error has been ask when DTT was printed in 2015,but no response was given,so I think it worth clarification.
(by the way, in my hr, I will let my pc use alertness as prerequisite for Ambush Awareness.

Liberty's Edge ** Venture-Agent, Online

I would assume so, but until it's officially clarified, we have to go with what is printed in PFS.

The only thing named awareness that I can find is an alternate racial trait for humans.

Sczarni *****

If obvious misprint is obvious, then you should be fine.

It's certainly not the first time something like this has happened.

Just be aware that occasionally you'll encounter an unreasonable GM. To help prepare for that possibility, bring up the issue at the beginning of the game, ala John Compton, and then you'll know if your character is safe to play.

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