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Where to find a creepy doll...


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What possible classes / archetypes / feats / other things are there for a player who wants a character that has a creepy doll as either a companion or familiar?

Its for a new 1st level character to play in Strange Aeons. I'll allow any Paizo content.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Gravewalker Witch
Promethean Alchemist (Small size, might be too large)

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You could take the following trait and be the creepy doll if you want to.

Horror Adventures pg. 40 wrote:

Creepy Doll

Glassy eyes and porcelain skin make some halflings look more like dolls than living creatures. If they cease moving and pretend to be a doll while they aren’t being observed, they can use the Stealth skill without cover or concealment. A successful Stealth check still allows other creatures to notice the halfling; they just believe the halfling is a doll, similar to the freeze universal monster ability (without being able to take 20). In addition, they take no size penalty on Intimidate checks against larger humanoids. The racial trait replaces keen senses and sure-footed.

Play an Occultist with the Soulbound Puppet Focus Power from the Necromancy Implement.

I recently ran a PFS scenario which had a creepy doll familiar as a reward.

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Adventurer's Armory 2 has Craft Poppet, which allows you to create a tiny animate doll for 160gp. It can be upgraded later with more abilities. There's also the third level Poppet Familiar, which allows you to turn a basic poppet into your familiar.

Can't do it until higher levels, but you can make soulbound dolls.

Bestiary 2 wrote:


CL 7th; Price 4,300 gp

Requirements Craft Construct, false life, lesser geas, magic jar, minor creation, soul of a living creature who dies or is slain during the creation process; Skill Craft (sculptures); Cost 2,300 gp.

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Homunculi are plenty creepy, what with their poisonous fangs and leathery wings. But they get even worse when they look like your kid sister.

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Thanks folks - lots of options there to explore

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