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RIP: Vir Cotto. Actor Stephen Furst was 63


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Stephen Furst Dies: ‘Animal House’, ‘St. Elsewhere’ Actor Was 63

Scarab Sages

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Rest in peace, Mr. Furst.

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By all accounts, not only a funny hombre, but a good dude.

A NSFW clip featuring MIster Furst which is forever near and dear to my heart.

So long, Flounder. Thanks for everything.

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Almost feels like they filmed Babylon Five atop a cursed burial ground. At present, something like half of the main cast of the show has died? Compared this with the older Star Trek the Next Generation or contemporary DS9, which haven't had a single main cast member die I don't think.

May he rest peacefully.

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May he get just what he wants

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He was truly Furst among men.

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"Hush, not now Vir..."

An excellent actor and an amazing show, he shall be missed.

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