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Northlands Saga (Spheres+Gestalt) Re-Recruitment


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Ooh, interesting idea to really connect my character to the story-line. She is hunting down her family shield held by her brother, but it turns out that her brother went dark-side and is actually involved in the events that lead the PCs to go raiding.

*Coughs* If your character is a Northlander, that's, uh, not gonna work. There's plot behind what just got the PCs to go raiding.

She isn't from the Northlands. That is why I had her chasing something, as it is her reason for being in the northlands.


I guess I'll be starting a Song of Swords game soon, so I won't have as much free time as I thought. Best of luck and gaming to you all though!

I'm going to bow out as well, I'm afraid.

Best of luck to all!

Recruitment seems popular at the moment... hm.

Anyway, there's still a few days left (probably) for submissions - and by all means, feel free to ask questions if you have them. ^^

I have a biuld just checking it

*Glances around* With the server instability, things're iffy... but I suppose that's all the submissions we're getting? Any last-minute applications or requests for me to wait?

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

I might be interested. I'll read through the material and see if I can get a submission up in a day or so if that's alright.

It is indeed alright. ^^

Unless I missed something, submissions just require a concept and not a full build. Is that correct?

I do need a build so I can check your numbers and make sure they're in-line with my expectations, but the concept and backstory are the primary thing I'm going to be judging on. Most anyone here can make a character - what I care about is how you'll play that character.

This is Wanderer82's submission. The multiple crashes of the website over the past week had cost me my history, which I have been rewriting and should have posted this evening, but I at least wanted to get the crunch in front of you for review.

GM Panic here,

This is Ynjan Ragnavold [Flame Spear],
A wandering fighter of evil.
He is not 100% Human, but dose not know he is not.
I have kept his stats even to keep him balanced.
He is an all-rounder who I hope will be a good
PC to play in a group.

Looks like this

Aelfred Agnarsson is complete and ready for consideration.

Okay, I'm putting together everything right now.

I do want to do something though, to fit my character better into her magic.

I would like to have two traditions, one that applies to her innate magic (that she avoids using right now, but may or may not embrace later depending on development), and one that represents the wise-woman type magic that she mostly uses.

In the innate magic tradition, she has the Painful, Rigorous, Draining, and Extended Casting general drawbacks for the Easy Focus and Overcharge boons. This represents the innate power from her heritage connection to Jutnar.

Using this power like this, it is basically casting directly from her own raw essence. This takes a toll on her, hence the Painful, Rigorous, and Draining drawbacks, (Extended Casting comes from her taking time to "charge up") but I'll be playing it as she must use the Overcharge boon unless she is exhausted.

This innate magic is all ice and cold themed. The idea is she starts off with just the weather sphere in this tradition, at first with the focused drawback to only affect cold, though I might buy this off later to also use precipitation to add snow and hail if she gets into practicing her innate magic. If she ends up taking taking the destruction sphere (several levels down the road, if she decides to embrace her innate magic), it will be with the energy focus drawback so she only has the frost type.

If she does go this route, she likely will gain the creation sphere for this, but with Material Restriction drawback for only making things out of ice.

The wise-woman tradition also gains the Easy Focus boon, but the drawbacks are different, being Skilled, Focused, and Extended casting drawbacks. The other boon is Bonded Creature (a squirrel named Mrs. Nibbles. I'm curious if you know the reference.)

In this tradition, the idea is that she makes things (hence the extended casting drawback, and in the case of divinations, if she learns it, uses runes/bones), imbuing the spell into whatever it is. For example, her healing and enhancements are usually "potions" she makes from water and perhaps a few flavored herbs (craft alchemy), but for protection she'll tie a couple knots into a string or similar (craft gimp/boondoggle, or whatever would be appropriate). Not that she has all those spheres to start with of course. Often her squirrel helps by grabbing the things needed, when she is being carried, but otherwise the connection with the squirrel is rather a mystery to be explored.

This tradition is all about the life, protection, enhancements, divination, and creation spheres (subtle stuff, aside from creation). Life and creation being the two primary spheres she has studied the most, but the others are one's she knows from her mother and father and will grow into using as levels go up.

I decided I should not stick with hedgewitch class though. It has a lot of fitting flavor, but Sonya is a bit of a Jack of all Trades type character with little specialization but lots of versatility and incanter class does that better, but it does also rely more on the spheres and how I use them for the flavor since the class features aren't there. I'm okay with this as while some class features would have worked nicely, I also would have had several points of choosing things without any strong reason to pick one choice over another.

You'll notice a lot of ifs in there, that is because I don't set in stone how the character will evolve, I let the character grow naturally according to what happens in the story, and have even in the past had characters totally shift direction based on events that happened in game.

I also, honestly don't see the squirrel as having anything to do with a particular tradition, but I was inspired and liked the idea of having the companion in this (normally I don't bother with familiars, but I think it really adds to this character, especially with how smart and troublesome squirrels can be before you start giving them an int of 6 :)

I wanted a silver fox as well (I originally imagined the squirrel riding the fox everywhere) but I wasn't sure if it would be too much, and I don't know how to achieve it mechanically anyway.

More on Character:

In any case, Sonya is an inquisitive but tough minded character, and generous when she feels safe to be so (not often in the local area). She has learned a broad range of skills, and picks up new ones fast and quickly reaches basic competency, though she rarely practices anything enough to ever become a master at anything.

Her father is a trapper and blacksmith, though he works in many materials, such as wood, bone, and leather (as well as other materials from animals he catches), and makes or fixes just about anything with skill. His is the bloodline from Sonya inherited the trace of giant-kin. The father, (I'll name him Wulfgar) is descended from Buliwyf, a great giant slayer in the distant past. What the exact nature of the bloodline's connection to giant-kin is, is not entirely known, but the family is sure is has something to do with Buliwyf and his fighting giants.

Her mother (Halga) is a wise-woman, crafting simple potions, concoctions, and charms.

The two of them live on the borders of Nukland, on the other side from local adventure. They often trade with the Nuklanders when they roam close by, as well as trading with the peoples on that side, beyond Nukland, acting as one of the few, and small, trade points between the Nuklanders and others.

Buliwyf's shield and sword have been passed down through the family. The sword, Fire's Edge, is a single edged, slightly curved sword. While the blade itself might seem very similar to a katana/wakizashi, the handle and guard are different, being a solid piece of steel, seemingly forged onto the blade, and has a dragon and flame motif (ironic given the ice powers, but story has it that the blade and shield were made for Buliwyf to fight the giants). The sword was passed down to Sonya.

The shield, Fortress Hearth, was a round shield with the same dragon and fire motif, and has few marks of battle, as though resistant to such things as scars and scratches. The shield was passed down to Herger, Sonya's brother.

The brother and shield went missing. Due to lots of blood and strewn items leading to the river, it was thought Herger had been killed, and the shield taken. Sonya left to track down the shield and whomever had Herger. This led her to follow some trading ships into the south and back up north to the local area where the party is now.

I figure it is best to let you decide what all was found thus far.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber


Just a heads up, will probably not be submitting a character after all. Had a Nuklander Armorist/Hunter that was lost when submitting, and not sure if I feel like rewriting. That'll teach me to ctrl+c my posts...

There are definite benefits to writing characters up in a word processor or something, yes...

This is Interesting Character's submission. Not finished yet, but mostly there. Just need to sort through the equipment and finish her familiar. Some equipment is there already from my new character template, but I'm not likely to change much of it.

I also need to digitize the good stuff, her story, bg, looks, and the fluff of her abilities.

There is one question though, is it too much to have both the squirrel familiar and the silver fox bound creature (since it turns out, not only did Bound Creature be unable to handle the squirrel for some reason [takes several talents just to get the size], but I managed to get a familiar as well anyway)? If it is, I can drop the fox for the spell points.

I don't know anything about optimization much less that chart you linked to. I figured you'd do it yourself anyway so I got this up, but if you want me to do as well, or just me, I could, but I'm not confident I'd be very good at it.


I'm curious what anyone's thoughts on her are so far.

Ok I now see why some meany dropped form this, Character submission rules are a mess, to be honest, I have trade, GM you have bits all over the place and some chart that I have no idea what you want form it and us.

Add to this your very low feed back post rate and it dose not look good for a prospective player with offered games on here, that a simpler to apply for and have good feed back.

I have a feeling this is a pet world build offered as a PbP.

GM ya have to give better and more frequent feed back. Make one post listing just what your after in FULL, not just links to a mass of stuff. Keep is simple and clear.

I gave it my best shot but, I have other games now. So saying that I and pulling my submission and best of luck with this.

GM panic.

Silver Crusade

tentative dot. always did like northern themed stuff.

The two things linked are the basic build rules and some important setting information. The chart is a reference for numbers because I know many people think of Gestalt as a time to cut loose and make an overpowered character, and by knowing what's appropriate for a given level, people can ensure they don't accidentally disqualify themselves. As for feedback, I generally try to limit my responses to specific questions (which people are always welcome to ask). This is deliberate - I'd rather not think about any one character more than others before I select people, and by seeing how you create things on your own, I gain a better insight into how you think and how you're likely to play the character. ^^

I want you to understand GM I am trying to help you here. Look over this RE-RECRUITMENT thread and see players walking away. You need to understand what your doing wrong here.

GM Rednal wrote:
The two things linked are the basic build rules and some important setting information.

Ok but is Massive "Abbreviate" and post simple outline not a link to EVERYTHING. Its like asking players to learn a whole new game system. Its a lot of work for a "Chance" to be picked by a high demanding GM. Most players will walk once they see the work needed.

GM Rednal wrote:
The chart is a reference for numbers because I know many people think of Gestalt as a time to cut loose and make an overpowered character, and by knowing what's appropriate for a given level, people can ensure they don't accidentally disqualify themselves.

That IS your job here, don't dump that on play'er with a

"get this wrong your out" Tag lone. yes your the GM, but that means work not a spread sheet. Talking of which that "Chart" you linked to.

GM Rednal wrote:
I do not like min-maxed characters, and anyone who seems too optimized (as measured by this chart, where green is ideal and too many blues is bad) will not be chosen.

A link to the Chart and the above, that is all you posted. Now if you look AT the chart, it has lots of number and NO explanation of how to get to them or what they mean!

GM there is a saying

[i]"Maps are made by those who have BEEN there"[i]

It means just becouse you know how to use it, it dose not mean other have a clue how. You gave NO explanation of how to use the chart in any where. Just "here is a chart, be green"

Case in point.

Bench-Pressing: Character Creation by the Numbers

1: What dose EDV stand for?
2:Then "To Hit" what to hit the PC or two HIT BAB or To Hit with your PCs best attack, taking into account all bonus?
3:AC ok is that base AC, or AC with spells active,
4: Saves is that ALL added saves or just single saves with our with out spells active??
5: DC vs. good + DC vs. bad [ WTF dose that even mean? DC for what? spells, saves?? what?]

I run projects, big ones and passing info between members is a big deal of that.

Think, "How will players know what to do with this chart."

If you need to be asked for every little thing, and can't work out where players need things BEFORE asking, I would worry game play would be very trying for a player. I suspect this is why this is a RE-RECRUITMENT tread and will be again if you don't start helping your players more.

Gm Panic.

Recruitment is now closed.

I'd like to thank everyone who applied, as well as those who simply expressed interest in this game. The Northlands Saga is different from most games in terms of what sort of characters are appropriate, and when you add that to a whole new magic system (for many people) and gestalt, I know even attempting a submission is more work than it might usually be.

As for my selection, I'd like to welcome Aelfred Agnarsson to the game. You may dot the gameplay thread (the link to the campaign's in the first post) and check in on the Discussion thread now. ^^

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