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Changing Separatist Cleric of Pulura(going into Stargazer)


Ok just started making a character for a run of the Ironfang Invasion. After reading the player's guide I realised I wanted some nature/survival themed character but you know... Mix it up.

So went with a strange local girl who travels the local areas helping and healing. Loves her community which excepted her even with her strange origins.

The prestige class Stargazer(from paths of the righteous) caught my eye a while back as a nice mix of flavor and function, so this is built towards that prestige. But I'm not 100% happy. Please critique what follows.

20 point buy. 11, 12, 12, 10, 16, 14. Then adding racials...

Str 11
Dex 12
Con 10 (too low?)
Int 10
Wis 18
Cha 16

My aims have evolved into party face, summoning and solid by the numbers healing. Might be too much but here we go.

Travel(trade)(Separatist domain)
Void(stars)(at lvl 6 from prestige)

Frontier healer(from Ironfang Invasion player's guide)
Creative manipulator

1) Selective channel
3) spell focus (conjunction)
5) augment summons
7) superior summons
9) Sacred summons
11) divine interference
13+ not sure but first few levels so crowded wanted extra traits for more flavor but just so tricky.

lvl 1-5 cleric, 6-15 Stargazer and rest cleric unless I find something better.

Sidereal Arcana:
7) the mother
9) the pack
11) the Stargazer
13) the wagon
15)the thrush

6) heaven's leap
14) flight

Ok it's a big ask for people to look at as the prestige is so rule heavy but am I missing anything, the prestige is only d6 hd am I risking too much with con 10(could move 2 from charisma). And and summoning tips as never really tried a focused summoner I know sacred will work ok with CG and when I want I can just summon loads of animal summons at +2 thanks to "the pack" and superior summons. Domains are full progression bar -2 on Separatist liked travel for theme and face... Gah so much going on with this build.

Any help is appreciated, thanks Monty.

Channelling falls behind fast anyway at mid-levels. You want to go all in on it or not spend even one feat IMO. You could get Additional Traits instead if that's what you wanted, or Improved Initiative to get buffs and summons out there in time to matter.

The Pack at 9th - many of the better later summons aren't animals, and summoning (e.g.) 1d4+3 leopards is a massive pain at the table, especially if 90-95% of their attacks are going to miss. Animals don't work with sacred summons either. I'd consider getting summon good monster in place of superior summoning, maybe even drop the Pack to move some of the other arcana up, perhaps get the Daughter at some point as a handy passive buff.

Hmm guess I could drop the selective channel. Just as the prestige scales with channel guess I fell into the old habbit of selective channel. Could take extra traits and go reactionary and some survival themed trait and give a bit more character and a bit more crunch.

With summons I'm not sure. I like the idea of upsetting GMs with an army of cats. I will sleep on it.

Ok think I will drop selective channeling feat and go for traits. Will keep summoning feats as are ATM, although wavering a little. But as I'd rather like to make use of more than just the CG ones and may as well summon lots but i will prepare some stat cards and numbered figures for speed of play with summoning so many.

And now knowing what my party are playing I'm happy I have enough between me and death to risk being a little low hit pointed.

Team consists of a human Flow monk, an Ogre brawler(yes the GM is tripping but I don't care as long as he's on my side), Warsighted(ghost child dhampir it's complex but whatever) oracle and a dhampir white witch\monk. They will be buying potions for some healing as sod off needing negative energy healing... I will take a few harms but not many. It's a strange party but sod it, I think it'll work...

Last thing is(unless you fancy poking holes in other areas) what should I feat for upto 13-19(assuming the adventure path ends about 17-19th) guess a magic item crafting feat but really not sure if I should get some combat feats or something else??? I always find late game feats tricky to pick as they feel underpowered at higher levels.

Share your wisdom if you fancy, cheers.

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Feats at 13, 15, 17, maybe 19. Spell perfection might be an option, barely, but you'd have to do without a crafting feat and hope you got to about the highest likely level. Probably not.

Still, some metamagic is a good thing once you have a lot of spell slots. Quicken Spell obviously, maybe Contingent Spell. Both of those have action economy advantages. If you find a lot of people trying to dispel your buffs you might like Tenacious Spell.

You could reasonably wait until you see what is needed before picking a crafting feat. Most likely it will be Craft Wondrous Item but you never know.

It may be boring but Improved Initiative is at least as good at high levels as it is early on.

I mentioned Summon Good Monster before. It does add options. Summon Guardian Spirit is also worth looking at.

Summon Guardian Spirit can use Azata, Lyrakien as it is a improved familiar with chaos and good subtypes, so with sacred summons it's an action to summon... Right? Might have some use in the action eco system.

Spell perfection feat chain might be a bit demanding but yeah meta spells, summon good, guardian, improved initiative and/or a crafting feat sound good thanks should give me enough to go on and I'll probably work it out as I go but solid plan. Thanks again avr.

Last thing how do you level Guardian spirit? Like a monster NPC? Or a follower/cohort? So can give it sorcerer or barbarian or whatever levels? Could make hell of a buffer going sorcerer or bard.

The effective level of a guardian spirit is set by the spell level you use to summon it. You can change that spell level with a 24 hour ritual. It doesn't get character levels, just hit dice and SLAs - see here.

& yes sacred summons should work just fine with a lyrakien, guardian spirit or not.

avr wrote:

The effective level of a guardian spirit is set by the spell level you use to summon it. You can change that spell level with a 24 hour ritual. It doesn't get character levels, just hit dice and SLAs - see here.

& yes sacred summons should work just fine with a lyrakien, guardian spirit or not.

Cheers again makes more sense now. Will see how the build goes.

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