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Natural Attacks - Options for Adding More!

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

I am running a Half Orc Mooncursed Barbarian who currently has a Claw, Claw, Bite, Gore attack. I am wondering if there are any other ways through Feats, Rage Powers, Items, to add additional Natural Attacks.

Any way to get a Tail? Rend? Wings? Anything Else?

Keep in mind that it is my intention to continue with the Barbarian class as I want to gain the Pounce ability at level 11.

Scarab Sages

Dread Wing Armor Enchant - Gives you 2 Wing Attacks and a fly speed. It will cost you 37,650 gold purchase this as a full plate enchant. You will lose fast movement, but since you are flying, you can disregard the loss to your normal movement.

Monstrous Extremities Spell - Can give you a Tentacle, Hoof, or Wing. I would suggest using the Hoof for legs. Since it can be casted on the same person, you can apply two hoofs. Purchase a 2-use scroll of it and have your cleric/wizard ally to cast it on you so you have it for 5 hours.

Thanks, but I will not be wearing Heavy Armor.

However, the Monstrous Extremities spell does have possibilities. Thanks.

Animal Totem Tattoo (eagle) gets you 2 talon attacks.
Fleshwarped Scorpion’s Tail gets you a sting with reach and a 3/day poison with a DC of 10 + 1/2 Hit Dice + Con mod which is great for a barbarian.

That would be 7 total primary natural attacks.

Neither of those are legal for PFS play. I realize I did not state that in my previous entry, but this is for PFS play.

Scarab Sages

The Animal Totem Tattoo is actually legal. Choose the eagle and you will have 5 minutes (can be used in minute increments) of 2 talon attacks.

Take a level in White Haired Witch, and you get a Hair Attack.

There is the Tentacle Cloak which gives you 2 Tentacle Attacks.

If you take 2 levels in Alchemist, you can grow 1 Tentacle, which you have to use one of your "regular" attacks for. But this is good for a Natural Attack Character that can't normally use regular weapon attacks without demoting all your primary attacks to secondary: -5 to attack, 1/2 St mod to damage, and you pretty much can't take Multiattack in PFS. An Alchemist Tentacle is a Natural Weapon, so won't interfere with the rest of your Natural Weapon Full Attack.

There is the Helm of the Mammoth Lord, but you already have a Gore Attack.

Every time you hit with the White Hair or a Tentacle, you get a free Grapple Attack. If you wear Armor Spikes, you inflict Armor Spike Damage: 1d6 + Bonuses. If you take the Hamatula Strike Feat, your Bite and Gore get those Grapples, too (Piercing Weapons). If you take Snake Style and Feral Combat Training, your Claws can get that, too, so you will be effectively doubling the number of attacks you get.

Dip 1 level in Ranger or Druid, and you can use a Wand of Strong Jaw, inflicting damage with all your natural weapons as if you were 2 sizes bigger.

A second level in Ranger will let you take Improved Natural Attack: 1 size bigger.

2 levels in Slayer, and you can take Improved Natural Attack again, I'm pretty sure.

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