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Yet another Custom Character: this time, a Magus!

Homebrew and House Rules

Sovereign Court

I have a slightly-more-than-passing interest in fighter-mages, and have been increasingly annoyed with the lack of support they seem to have in the card game. Flenta's close, but she's not quite what I'm looking for, and the Magus class deck isn't due out until August, so here's my take on the stereotypical rapier-wielding Magus.

Unless my math is very off, this character hits all the targets denoted in the blog post about homebrew. Anything in brackets denotes a checkbox:

Strength d6 (+1) (+2)
Dexterity d8 (+1) (+2) (+3)
Constitution d6 (+1) (+2)
Intelligence d10 (+1) (+2) (+3) (+4)
- Arcane +2
- Knowledge +2
Wisdom d4 (+1)
Charisma d8 (+1) (+2) (+3)
- Diplomacy +2

Hand Size: 5 (+6)
Proficient With: Light Armors, Weapons

For your check that has or is against a card that has the Finesse trait, gain the skill Melee: Dexterity +1
If your combat check has the Sword trait, add 2 (4) and you may add the Magic trait (and/or Cold trait) (and/or Fire trait)

Favored Cards: Weapon or Spell
Card List
Weapon: 3 (4) (5)
Spell: 4 (5) (6) (7)
Armor: 1 (2)
Item: 2 (3)
Ally: 3 (4) (5)
Blessing: 2 (3)

I'm still working on Roles; probably going to go with one that's weapon focused (maybe call it the Kensei) and the other being more magically focused (Eldritch Knight, maybe? There aren't a lot of spell-focused archetypes for Magus to crib off of).

It looks pretty balanced to me (seeing as how I cribbed most of the powers off of existing characters), but I've never made any homebrew for this game before, so I'd like a neutral eye to take a look at it for me. I'm welcome to any suggestions or critique!

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Hey, thanks for sharing!

Looks like a cool character, and I like the concept.

First, you can shorten the first power with the new term invoking to this:

For your check that invokes Finesse trait, you gain the skill Melee: Dexterity +1.

The second power seems a bit too safe to me - the Magic trait is unconditional and trivializes the banes that need it, and a high static bonus is mostly much better than additional dice, even when their expected value exceeds the static bonus. I think it would be better if at least the magic trait came with a necessary element already, since then there is also more incentive to take the other element. For example:

If your combat check has the Sword trait, add 2 (4). (Additionally, you may add the Magic and Cold (or Fire) traits.)

I worded it awkwardly to make the Magic trait independent from the +4 upgrade, since the checkboxes are not supposed to be adjacent.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

What if you required a spell reveal for that second power? So something like this:

"Reveal a spell to add 2 ([ ] 4) ([ ] and the Magic and Cold ([ ] or Electricity or Fire) traits) to your combat check with the Sword trait."

This to me is more suggestive of using the Magus' Arcane Pool to enhance your attacks with your weapon.

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