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Ninja trick: Advanced Talent. More than one?


Hi guys, im building a ninja for fun and have been following a helpful guide i found that more or less outlined exactly what I wanted to do with my build. Though, it seems they took two Advanced Talents in place of ninja tricks, ninja tricks state that you cant typically take the same one twice unless it says specifically that you can. Is there a reason you can take Advanced Talent twice and I just havnt noticed it? It seems that taking this more than once is really common in ninja guides and im not sure if they can do that or not.

Can you link and quote the guide? Might be easier to find out what's going on.

You can't take something more than once unless it says you may. You may not select something that is a rogue talent that has the same name as a no la trick.

Advanced talents may not be taken more than once.

Your guide is wrong. It may be under the impression that advanced talent ( xx) is not the same as advanced talent (yy) therefore may be taken more than once. For example weapon focus dagger and short sword are two different feats.

However the advanced talent is clear it allows you to pick a single one.

The guide is wrong

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