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Best Non-Wizard Necromancy Spells


I just hit the 5th level of the Agent of the Grave PrC and I can choose 8 necromancy spells that aren't on the wizard spell list and add them to my spell list. I'm playing a debuffer necromancer. I'll probably take a couple of the inflict wound spells since they heal me, but I don't know the spell lists well enough to know whats good and not on the wizard list. Any help would be appreciated.

Nap Stack is nice if you're out adventuring in the wilds. Great way to deal with ability damage.

Death Ward is a must-have if you're fighting level draining creatures.

Slay Living is a wonderful save-or-die if you have the DC to pull it off.

Harm is an all round beast of a spell for direct damage.

Aside from what JDLPF has said (I aggree that Death Ward is a must have too. Even if you don't always use it, when you do it can save your life), Speak with Dead can be interesting as an utility spell.
As you heal with negative energy, Harm is not only useful for dealing damage. It's another great option.

All excellent suggestions so far, but there are a few nice lower-level options as well. Litany of Weakness could work as an effective, reliable use for all your extra swift actions and first level spell slots. Death Knell can give a handy caster level boost, particularly for spells you're casting outside of a combat environment. Shared Sacrifice could be quite useful in an emergency, and you can always keep a bloody hedgehog skeleton in your coat pocket just to be safe.

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