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Devoted Muse build


So because I'm unoriginal this build is a modification of a build from Iconic Design, but because I've changed things and wonder about choices for the later levels I can't resist the urge to pester you fine folk for ideas.

The build:
Aasimar(Musetouched) - From Dragon Empire Tianjing for fluff
Scion of Humanity trait?

Deity: Shelyn

Paladin(Virtuous Bravo) 4/Mesmerist(Vexing Trickster) 3/
Devoted Muse ?/Paladin whatever remains

1 Weapon Focus (glaive)
Bonus: Weapon Finesse

3 Bladed Brush

4 Trick:Levitation Buffer

5 Improved Feint
Bonus:Combat Expertise

6 Bold Stare:Psychic Inception
Bonus trick feat:Swap Trick

And at level 7 going into Devoted Muse.

And from there it's a question of how many levels of Muse do I take. I think 5 is the minimum, 6 is very tempting for inspirational strike and the extra feat. After that there's nothing amazing till masterful strike at level 10. Obviously at some point picking up Mesmerizing Feint and maybe Greater MF to ensure getting the debuffs off. Obviously Slashing Grace is also an obvious choice. GM and I also talked about a homebrew variation of channel force that makes it actually useful for positive channelers, so thats also on the table.
So any thoughts on levels, feats and also what few spells I get.

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