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Imbue Arrow and Fire Breath

Rules Questions

I've used arcane archer's imbue arrow ability before and as I understand it I can cast any "area" spell and have the arrow be the point of origin. However, if I cast a spell that is used multiple times such as Fire Breath or Sonic Scream, how do I resolve the nest rounds of the cone emination?

Are they still centered on the arrow?

Do I have to shoot another arrow?

If I shoot a target and hit does the center move if he moves?

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AFAIK you will find NO rules on this.

IMHO, it only makes sense if you limit the usage to a single blast, when the arrow hits. You sacrifuce some usage to be able to imbue it into your arrow. Also, I would think the cone should be fixed to the orientation of the arrow's path.


Sounds reasonable to lose the next rounds. I would personally rule that you as the caster still control the direction of emination since you can cast spells this way with a shapeable area and I would equate shaping an area with choosing the direction of a line or cone. Would these rulings be left to GM discretion in a PFS setting?

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