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Oracle / Paladin / Ninja Multiclass


So I saw a build a few months ago that combines these three classes to make a surprisingly well rounded charisma based build. The general idea was taking advantage of lore keeper from the Oracle Lore mystery to use Cha in place of Int for knowledge checks, high skill points from ninja + Cha based ki, and divine grace of Paladin to leverage Char even more. In my head it came from this forum, but I've been looking for hours and have come up empty. I'm slowly piecing the build together, but in the meantime I'm looking for any suggestions and/or if anybody knows of the build I'm talking about and knows where to locate it. In my head it's named something like "Lorekeeper of the White Shinobi," but I've searched on those words so many times I'm starting to think I made the whole thing up.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Sovereign Court

I don't think it's the same build as mine (paladin 8/ninja 2/oracle 1) because I was focused on healing, but it seems to mesh fairly well.

Human Paladin 4 (hospitaler, oath against fiends for resist energy as a 1st level spell), regular ninja 2, fey foundling feat, extra lay on hands (retrained a feat at 2), greater mercy, ultimate mercy. Blade of mercy (sarenrae trait). Used the ninja trick on a combat feat, for enforcer.
1 level of oracle next for life link and spent a feat on another channel pool. Then back to paladin. The point of all the extra channels is to fuel meditation crystals and teas of transference to regain lay on hands and ki points (and also into spells later and smite evil)

Started with a 15 Str and a 19 cha (protégé, human). +1 cha at 4, +2 headband at 5. +1 Str at 8. 12 con/int and favored class into skill points for 5 per level of paladin (just to break the mold some more).

Paladins of Sarenrae have a different code of conduct that doesn't explicitly rule out poison like the base code does, but rather has to fight fair if the fight is fair and strike quickly and without mercy of it is not. They also get flame blade as a 2nd level spell. (Inner sea gods)
Oh, and I chose the mercy for fatigue. There are a few furious finish barbarians in my area.

If you dropped the ultimate mercy angle and nonlethal->enforcer trick, I would recommend going Irori, and picking up Ki Channel, deific obedience, lore instead of life, and possibly unsanctioned knowledge feat. The noble scion for war would give you Cha instead of Dex for init to.

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