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[Rusted Iron Games] New Deadly Gardens Releases

Product Discussion

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We have a new release in our Deadly Gardens Series.

Deadly Gardens: Hungry Pit

Written by Russ Brown, Kim Frandsen, and Joe Kondrak

Art by Jeremy Corff

Also check out the reviews from Endzeitgeist for some of our recent releases.
Deadly Gardens: Catchweed - 5 Stars
Deadly Gardens: Faerie Circle Stalker - 5 Stars
Deadly Gardens: Greenscream Trumpet - 5 Stars
Deadly Gardens: Grovemaker - 4 Stars
Deadly Gardens: Stiletto Palm - 4 Stars
Deadly Gardens: Razorleaf Swarm - 5 Stars

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Another new release!

Deadly Gardens: Dream Weed

Written by Jacob W. Michaels, Kim Frandsen, and Joe Kondrak

Art by Keith Wood.

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Nice! I love imagining how I could build encounters around these plants. They can also make great encounter "flourishes"—an encounter putting the adventurers against 1d3 orcs becomes a whole lot more interesting when there's a spooky plant trying to kill/capture/let's-be-honest-kill both parties.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

New Today!

Deadly Gardens: Star Blossom!

Written by Mike Welham, Joe Kondrak and Andrew Umphrey.

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