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Broken Golarion *official* recruitment!!


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Fellow gamers, I knew you'd come!!



Hello? Wake up! You slowly open your eyes to see a concerned stable boy poking you in the shoulder with the butt of a pitchfork. Sitting up you see that you are lying in a stable. The smell is… unpleasant. You don’t recall how you got here, in fact the last thing you remember was an energy blast that… But this isn’t heaven. You hope it isn’t hell either because enduring a stable for eternity just might be a fate worse than death- wait. A quick pat down of yourself confirms, yup, you’re alive. Somehow.

You know that the world around you ended, or at very least, it definitely seemed that way. You were dead, you know that for sure. It seemed like just a dream that you met your god. It’s fading now, but you know you’ve been given a second chance. What you do with it is entirely up to you.


Heroes failed to save the day. Villains Rose. Gods were reborn or were freed. Golarion is broken.

The year is 4718, five years after the failure to close the Worldwound. Most the prior APs have occurred, and the PCs failed to stop them.

This is a game set in the aftermath. While there is a lot more going on, the Ruins of Pathfinder doc is a good place to start.

NOTE: Reign of Winter did not happen. As I am rather fond of Baba Yaga, and Elvanna, I plan to use them both.

Character Creation:

This will be an 8th level game, using both normal PF rules, and the Godbound rules as well.

Right now, you're background is most important. I will post up actual character creation later, but for now, focus on your backstory.

You were involved in one the APs. You could have been a PC, whose group failed at the very end, or in the middle of the story. Maybe you were a shop owner and you and your business were destroyed once a BBEG went on the rampage. Perhaps you were a captain leading a squad to try and stop said baddie.

Regardless, you died, so tell us how. Pharasma has given you a second chance at life. Maybe the Lady of the Graves knows you had something left to complete in life or it could be for her own inscrutable purposes. Feel free to give us a few hooks.

Please note that dotting for interest is frowned upon. We’ve taken considerable time to put this game together, so please take some time to write up your initial post. By we, we mean there are three of us working together to bring this adventure to you. I'm the head GM. Assisting are Choon and Fnord72.

We may give preferential rights to those that have been active on the interest thread. This is not a guarantee. First we’d like to hear how you lost and what you plan to do about it now that the world has gone to pieces.

Finally, I am hoping to not overly restrict the PCs, which is part of the reason I sought Co-GMs. Part of that means you can be evil, but please, no 'evil and murder for the sake of evil and murder' characters. ((If you must play an evil PC, check out the personality archetypes in Champions of Corruption))

What this also means is that you're going to be free to 'wander' and interact with the world as you see fit. Wanna go defeat the undead under Tar Baphon? Sweet, have at it! Wanna go join the forces of the Demons, and overun the rest of Golarion? Cool!!

There's a lot going on, and I want my PCs to have a chance to explore as they will.

Applying with this character, as stated in the interest thread... He was in a Rise of the Runelords game (played from the goblin pov, run by Captain Trips)... it ended prematurely... will scale him back to 8th lvl... will rewrite his history to reflect a 'heroic' (from a goblin pov) death.

To clarify, we are using the Words from Godbound (modified slightly to fit pathfinder mechanics a bit better), the fray dice mechanic, and the Death Surge (I think that was the name). A document will be linked with the details after it has been cleaned up a bit.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber

Finally! I am very excited.

Details will be forthcoming once I talk to Ash - we're building a combined idea so it's going to be a team-effort. :)

Question: are we deific when we wake up in the stable? Are we aware of being deific? Are there any rules on the origins of our divinity?

You are not immidiately aware of your divinity, but it well become apparent very quickly as you are in fact minutely divine.

As to origins, you must have died, as detailed above. You will also start gameplay near that stable, so don't wander off. :)

Yes, you are 'deific' when you first wake up. You're just becoming a Godbound, so you'll be starting with the base two Words and 6 points for Gifts.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber


I've only recently returned to the paizo boards (I had a lot of personal issues that kept me from really being involved here) and so I missed the interest thread for the most part, so pardon me if the questions I have had been answered there. I have two character concepts, both paladins, but one of them (my preferred one, but I'm interested in playing both) is dependent on GM allowance, and is one I've resolved that few GMs are ever going to accept. She is a vampire paladin of Sarenrae from an actual failed Shattered Star campaign, with a backstory and personality heavily inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jessica Jones, and is one of my favorite characters that I've ever played. As a note I always intentionally gimp her out of most of the powers of the vampire template (they're there, but she refuses to use them), and am perfectly willing to accept any penalties that come with it (including level adjustments and having to deal with all of the drawbacks of being a vampire).

If that's problematic (which, again, I totally understand), I also have a scaled fist monk/paladin of Apsu who would have failed Jade Regent, although there's been considerably less thought put into him as he's more of a theorycraft than anything else at this point.

Dark Archive

I was wondering if you wanted to avoid any spoilers for adventure paths in our back story.

@fedoraferret- (fantastic name, by the way) I'm willing to work with you to make the character happen. We may need to find a way to remove the template, but I'll ask my fellow GM's about it.

@loc- That would be considerate, but if you want to include campaign elements just spoiler the backstory and tag it with a warning.

We're working on a concept of a pre canon golarion tryptarch goddess, barred from returning to golarion by ancient pact. The events of the breaking abrogated the pact between her and the gods, allowing three aspects of her divinity to return to golarion. Nikolas and I are hammering out details of exactly what thet pact was and how losing broke it via pm, but for clarity is pharasma still around after we get our second chance? Or did bringing these heroes back to life place her at risk in the boneyard?

Lian Brook, Kitsune Sorceress. Originally born in Tian-Xa, moved to the River Kingdoms when she was young as her family was part of a trade expedition. Found her abilities quite useful with the locals, and integrated herself as the diplomat to one of the smaller kingdoms, got married for a bit, dedicated herself to the nation, etc..

When it fell as a result of the Fey incursion, she died with it when her city was overrun, and feels it was her failure to make a strong enough alliance against it, that she could've done more. Now she's back, and is driven to stitch together a strong enough alliance to save the world- she don't know who it'll include yet or how, but Lian isn't going to fail again.

(Other nations/events can be substituted for the River Kingdoms and Fey if needed, but Kingmaker strikes me as a place where a silver tongue would be most valuable)

Welcome to the story of your second life!

Speaking of a second life, that means you had a first one!

So, who and what were you?

Please note that since you have been brought back, you have quite a bit of playroom for your backstory.

Feel free to play with what level your old self was (being resurrected by a god and given divine powers sometimes has a cost), your gender, even your race! But, please don't take liberties with your class. Coming back as a human instead of a gnome has less impact on your ability to meet your destiny than coming back as a fighter when you were a wizard.

We would be happy to hear any thoughts you might have on why you were given this second chance while Golarion falls apart.

Grand Lodge

What are your stances on guns? I read the Ruins of Pathfinder and the Mana Wastes held out well, I also like the idea of being from there how guns work. I was thinking of making a commando that went to the Mwangi Expanse after boarding in Cheliax because he was there to help out fit a new Contingent of Hell Knights with Fire arms.

He died will on the hunt for the lost city, died in the Savanna the entire contingent funded by the Society died. Could have been the Apsis Consortium or the Red Mantis.

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Kei was born an orphan on the streets of Katapesh. He never knew his parents, and was left to his own devices. He took up thieving, odd jobs, and the like to survive. When Kei grew to be a young man, a Pathfinder by the name Garavel who say something in the young thug to tried to threaten him for his coin purse. He easily defeated Kei and told him that if he wanted to earn real money, he would join him on an expedition to a destroyed city. Not seeing any other real prospects, Kei agreed.

This began his story that some of the survivors of Katapesh still tell: The story of an streetrat who grew to be a hero to the people, going to war with the genies themselves.

What the story didn't tell, however, was how he died.

Returning from the plane of fire, Kei and his group rushed to the site of the ritual that would free Xotani, the firebringer. Quick as they were, they were not quite quick enough. The ground shook and a primal roar pierced the sky; Xotani was announcing to the world that he was free. As his head broke through the ground, his companions fled, but Kei stood and faced the beast, determined to sell his life to allow them time to escape. He roared a defiant challenge to the beast, a tiny and hollow thing compared to Xotani's own roar. Looking down as it shook itself free of the earth, it....laughed.

Seizing the moment, Kei struck, swinging his blade at one of it's eyes. It was not enough, however, and it inhaled and breathed pure magma on him. As it washed over him, however, time stood still, and Kei heard, clear as the ringing of a temple bell, a woman say "No my son, you will not die here. You are needed to turn back the dark." then, all was darkness.

When Kei came to, a young boy was poking him with a stick.


What are these guns ye speak of?







Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Anastasia Vekova:
Warning: The following contains references to sexual violence, torture, emotional abuse and manipulation.

Piotr Vekova epitomized everything wrong with Whitecrown's young Jadwiga. Spoiled, petty, and arrogant, the man spent far more time chasing the latest fashion trends and womens' skirts than he did preparing for the duties he would inherit when his mother died. He lived a life of debauchery and decadence funded by his parents' deep coinpurses, until he met Zanna. A Varisian merchant, Zanna caught his eye almost instantly, but rebuffed his every advance. This story has been played out often enough in fiction that I need not explain it, only the important part: that when Zanna fell for him, their relationship begat a child. Unfortunately, Jadwiga aren't accepting of their children besoiling their bloodlines with non-Jadwiga. The Vekovas wanted to keep things quiet, so they allowed him to keep his name, and gave him enough gold to start a new life, but their message was clear: he was exiled, and if he returned he would be killed.

Piotr, Zanna, and their son Maxim moved to the fledgling city of Magnimar and settled down, using Piotr's considerable "severance package" and Zanna's experience to start a profitable trading company moving goods between the city and Irrisen. Time moved on, Piotr and Zanna grew old, and eventually Maxim met a nice young Chelaxian girl named Elizabet. Their families were both accepting of their marriage, and eventually Maxim took over the Vekova Trading Company. And to this young man was born Anastasia Vekova.

In her youth, Anastasia was much like her grandfather. Spoiled, petty, arrogant, spending far more time chasing the latest fashion trends and womens' skirts than she did preparing for the duties she would inherit when her father retired. And similarly to her grandfather, it was romantic obsession that changed her. But not hers. A young man that attended the same school as her, William Marks, had spent years pining after her, attempting to court her, only to be constantly rejected, usually with a polite (and then not so polite, and then downright angry) reminder that she prefered girls. But unlike the story of Piotr and Zanna, where Piotr changed for the better, William only changed for the worse. His obsession grew unhinged, and he decided to take what he wanted, since she would not give it to him willingly.

I will spare the details, but what William wanted did not happen. Anastasia was saved, perhaps a little too late to avoid mental scarring, by a passing servant of Sarenrae, who noticed her screaming and ran to help. The man stayed with her after ensuring William was carted away by the guards, soothing her and helping her through her distress. He never gave her his name, but from that day Anastasia was one of Sarenrae's faithful, firmly believing that the Dawnflower had sent that servant for her.

Soon after Anastasia joined the Temple of Sarenrae, and focused on training as a holy warrior. Her parents weren't happy about it, but eventually came to support her, moving her inheritance to her younger brother Markus. She trained for several years, honing her skill with a scimitar and her faith in the Dawnflower until both were honed weapons against evil, until she was finally confirmed as a paladin. Her first mission, taken on with a party of older and more experienced paladins and inquisitors of Sarenrae and Pharasma alike, was to hunt down and destroy a gang of vampires preying on the nearby village of Ravenmoor. What the party didn't realize was that they weren't dealing with a small group, but a full sized nest, one that saw them coming and set up an ambush against them. The battle was long and brutal, but in the end, only Anastasia remained, still clutching the head of the one vampire she'd managed to kill after stumbling upon its coffin. In her heart she felt terror, but she faced her death with dignity... until the head of the vampire clan, a terrifying vampire by the name of Giovanni, declared that the fallen vampire needed to be replaced. It was only then that she begged.

The next fifty years of Anastasia's life were, to her perspective, torture, not that she could express it. In thrall to a narcissistic egomaniac, she was forced to do things that made her insides curl with disgust. Murder and torture. Killing parents in front of their children and killing children in front of their parents. She lay with monsters who enjoyed what they did, and with crying young men and women in the wrong place at the wrong time. And because it pleased Giovanni, she did this all with her scimitar, wearing her sun-emblazoned armor as a form of blasphemy against Sarenrae. And the worst part, the most sickening of all, was that for all that she hated what she was forced to do a part of her loved it, relished in it. That voice in her head, the whisper of the vampiric taint, telling her to embrace it. Her master knew this too. Knew that for all of her morals, deep down a part of her now wanted to debase itself in evil. He knew because he had once been a righteous man, but now he was the most monstrous of all. He firmly believed that it was winning, and it would destroy her morals and bring her fully into the fold. And she let him believe it.

The fiftieth anniversary of Anastasia's turning was, perhaps, both her best and worst day since. In "celebration," Giovanni presented her with a fifteen year old girl, and told Anastasia to kill her however she saw fit. The girl lived another fifteen long hours before finally passing, having endured things not fit for reprinting. Satisfied that Anastasia had been broken, Giovanni released her from his thrall to turn another, and told her to find her own path. The way he said it sounded like a proud father. He might not have been so proud when his last moment was spent waking up to a wooden stake being driven into his heart, and his head removed from his body.

The rest of the nest fell one after another that night, and when it was all over Anastasia dragged their bodies out of the manor they'd taken up residence in near the borders of Korvosa. She sat with them on a hill, waiting for the sun to rise, for the sweet embrace of death to take away her pain. But it never came. Dawn that day was met with a solar eclipse, the darknening of the sun against the sky. It was a stunningly poinant metaphor for Anastasia, and she believed, as she had all those many years ago, that Sarenrae had saved her. For what, she didn't know, but she wouldn't allow herself to waste such a gift as the sun choosing not to slay a creature as herself. She went back inside, watching the eclipse end and her nest burn through a window behind thick curtains, and awaited nightfall.

Whispers would be told for years to come of the Dusk Knight, the paladin of Sarenrae who helped all those she came across, but would never remain to be thanked. Who revealed herself only when night fell, who was a little too pale to be natural and who never smiled, even when amused, and who shunned the company of others, often claiming to work better alone. Towards the end, as the world began collapsing around them, people would speak of her quest to recover an ancient artifact that could protect Magnimar from the destruction around them. And after the end, they would curse her name, for that artifact didn't protect them at all. When reassembled, it brought about the return of the mad Xin Shalast and his army of clockwork soldiers, and though the story says that she and her comrades went to the island to fix their mistake, they never returned, and Xin ruled once more.


The first thing she feels is pain. An aching soreness, as though her entire body has just been put through the ringer. Not surprising, given that nasty surprise of Xin's... wait. That surprise had killed her. She's certain of that. She remembers... she thinks she remembers feeling... warm.

The second thing she feels is just that, warmth. Not the warmth of a fire or another person, either. It's unfamiliar, and yet familiar at the same time, just like what she remembers, but from where, she has no idea.

The third and most striking is hunger. A wracking, ravenous hunger. Not the usual hunger either, the craving for the lifeblood of another. This is also unfamiliar, but focused in her... stomach? Is she... is she actually, literally hungry? That's nonsense, she hasn't been hungry in decades.

"Scuse me, miss? Are you alright?" She finally opens her eyes when she feels something poking her shoulder, and looks at the stable boy. Then she looks down, because it's surprisingly bright in here. Beams of warm yellow light pour in through the windows of this stable she's woken up in, including directly on her. Disconcerting.

"AHHHH!" she shouts in panic, jumping to her feet and diving for a shadowy spot. The boy stumbles back, startled and confused. "I'm on fire! Dear Sarenrae help me, I'm on fire! I-" She freezes and looks down at her arms and torse. [b]"I'm... not on fire?" She looks at the boy. A long, hard look. Then back at her hands. Still pale and blue veined. Back at the boy. She stares intently at his neck.


"... huh."

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Since I didn't specifically mention it in my back story, Kei was a Rogue/barbarian/shadowdancer/bard. He was human, but I think he reincarnated into a half-orc. I plan on taking the words alacrity and sun. His fighting style was dual wielding scimitars.

How long will do you plan on recruitment being open? It may take a day or two to get my idea open, since it's more situated on Second Darkness at present.

At least a week if not more. We understand that conceptualizing a nascent diety requires a bit of time.

Tomorrow :P

But seriously, at least till next Monday, the 17th, but probably(most likely) longer than that.

Death and Back Again:

"Pssssh, like your god kitty'd let you die. You've got to be the most badass servant he's got on this plane."

"When the woman who makes everyone immortal leaves, I'll concern myself with that."

"Oh, certainly I believe in higher powers. I just don't bother them for help when I don't need it."

"I don't plan on dying, but I have no need to shrink from valor.... Or fun."

It's kind of ironic, when your first battle's the same as your last. It was so long ago, it seemed, when the gunpowder choked that village, he could still feel the heat of the flames.. But this time, he was looking up from the ground, rather than down on those who had fallen on his blade. He'd fallen a few times before and been brought back from the brink by Valtyra. She and Serenae or whatever her name was, pretty much made them immortal. Grammanar could blow a hole in the side of a mountain with that techno-gun of his. And Yvell? Well, Muga hated to admit it, but Yvell was three times the warrior he was. Muga might slightly edge Yvell out in pure swordsmanship, but Yvell was a stalwart, unbreakable bastion, and a leader of men beyond peer. Yvell was more than just a sword that cuts. Muga? He was simply the second blade at Yvell's side. And honestly, he liked it that way. No commitment. He could live however he liked, with full faith that Yvell'd save Torch even if Muga fell.

But here, and now? In this choking tower? The fading cackle of a mad ghost wizard? Valtyra wasn't gonna bring him back this time. Grammanar wasn't gonna wipe that smug smirk off the wizard's face. And Yvell wasn't gonna save the world from the Iron Gods... And maybe it was all his fault.

As he departed this life, a final thought passed through his darkening eyes.

~Damn, I shoulda left some money with Mitsui, I'm not gonna need it where I'm going.~


As he rejoined this life, it felt different this time. Whenever Valtyra pulled him back, it felt warm. This felt like someone was poking him with a stick.

"Hey, mind cutting that out?" Muga's eye opened, to see the situation, as he parried the pitchfork aside and rubbed an eye.


~Why me? And not any of the others? Out of all of us, why would they pick me?~

Fun Moments from Muga's Original Game:

Grammanar: Ugh, barrels of blood? What is this place?
Muga: I've got a hunch it's a mad wizard's tower. No conclusive evidence yet, but it's my gut feeling.

Muga: Eh, the wonders of technology cease when you hit them hard enough.

Muga: Eh, the worst that can happen is getting embarrassingly clotheslined into unconsciousness followed by inglorious death. Right then! *charges*

Muga: Here Kitty Kitty Kitty. *holds nodachi behind back while waving arrow like cat toy*
Yvell: *Sees Muga standing over dead metal-eating cat monster* You fought this?
Muga: No, we had a contest to see whether my sword or his claws were cuddlier. He won.

*after party attempts to negotiate with mad ghost wizard*
Muga: Yes, this tack has always worked for us. I see nothing that can go wrong. Surely this is just a misunderstanding!

Muga: I'm afraid Jevik came down with a terminal case of giant-bear-eating-him.

So, checked around and found I had a campaign that stopped at exactly level 8.

Submission for Devon Prissault:

Well, they did say it was a suicide mission...

Devon worked his way deeper into the caverns, drawing the half-drow, half-spider creatures further away from his friends. He clutched his arm as he felt the poison burn through his bloodstream, but he still had hope. If he could lure them into the caverns deep enough, hide, then double back, he had a chance.

He glanced over his shoulder just in time for a blue-white burst of electricity to course through him. He blinked in surprise and at the streak of light burned in his retinas, but mostly he marveled that he was unhurt. The drow-skin he wore as part of a gross but effective disguise still retained its resistance to magic and he was unharmed by the spell.

However, the attack meant he was not eluding his pursuers as well as he'd hoped. He moved from chamber to chamber blindly, hoping to find a small crevasse that he could slip into and slow down the much larger aberrations. Unfortunately, he had no idea where he was going.

A stream of webbing shot past his head, narrowly missing encasing him and ending his flight. Finding a fork in the passage, he had to veer into the rightmost passage because the errant web had blocked off the other passages. He hoped that it had been a mistake, but a feeling that he was being herded started to creep into his thoughts.

This was it, he resolved. Rather than being driven into some place he didn't want to be, he turned around to face them. Perhaps he could make an accounting for himself, and comfort himself that the others were safe. The drider crawled along the wall at him, slowing up now that it saw that Devon had stopped running.

Wait -- where were the other driders? There was only one chasing him? He swallowed hard as a new terror crept into his mind: The others aren't safe.

He brandished his rapier, hoping that he could deal with one. Sure, he was wounded, but it was imperative that he make it and continue the mission. But the drider did not advance. It instead sent another web at him, this time landing true. He struggled against the sticky bonds, but the poison in his veins made his muscles feel rubbery and weak. Then it produced a long bow and began shooting arrow after arrow at him.

He thrashed and slashed at the webbing but he was held fast and quickly became riddled with arrows. The last arrow pierced through his chain shirt and punctured his heart. His last thoughts were that the stories had always lied. Suicide missions weren't supposed to be literal...


My submission is a PC who got to the Chapter Four: Endless Night and took the (SPOILERS!) undercover drow mission in disguise.

The twist in his coming back? He's now a drow, for realz. Since he died while wearing the recorporeal incarnation, he's back looking like the drow he had been disguised as. What's more, I plan to play it out like the drow still has a bit of a personality left inside his head. Sort of a "Harvey" or "Tyler Do'urden" (see what I did there?) inside his head that makes his life more interesting.

And what would make it even more fun is if, on a lark, he chose a drow female to be his disguise.

Presuming Muga interests you, I've got a bit of a question of how you'd like to use combat focused Words. For example, being one with the sword is definitely Muga's thing, but picking the Sword word will have a lot of abilities will need translating into Pathfinder combat.

We are in the process of re-working the Words/Gifts for Pathfinder. That's part of the reason we're having you guys focus on your backgrounds first.

If I may, I'd prefer abilities that present NEW ways to fight, rather than simply adding numbers.

This is exactly the sort of thing I'd want:
Contempt of Distance
Your movement action can take you to any point in movement range,
provided the path is unobstructed and there’s a target to hit at the
end of the move. A hero could thus dash straight to a rooftop or balcony without navigating the physical route there. Foes too far away
to reach in one round can be pursued over multiple rounds, but they
must be attacked once reached. Tis pursuit can even extend into the
air, supporting the hero until they defeat their enemy or choose to
disengage, whereupon they land safely at a point below.

This is exactly the sort of thing I don't want:
Shattering Hand
On Turn
Commit Effort. Your melee damage rolls and Fray dice are always
the maximum possible. You can destroy barriers as thick as five feet
of stonework in front of you in one round’s action, smashing them
with a blow or as part of your movement action. Magical substances
may resist this power.

Going through walls? Cool. Dealing max damage making this an abusable vital strike component, not so cool.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

So I have a question: what's up with the other gods. Obviously we're majorly shaking up Golarion's pantheon a lot by becoming gods ourselves, but aside from Pharasma (who has an obvious role) what's their deal right now?

@ Muga, Shattering Hand is a Greater Gift, so yea, it should be kinda OP. That said, it is possible we might make that particular gift(and any others like it) not usable with extra damage dice, even gained from Vital Strike.

@Ferret, that's another thing I am working on. I need to decide which gods aren't around for whatever reason.

Also, note that you're akin to Heracles at this point, not actual deities. Mayhap you'll ascend, maybe not, but for now, you're minor godlings.

Keep in mind that building your background doesn't have much to do with selecting your godbound abilities. That'll come after we have a chance to look at your background ideas.

Really? So we'll get random powers not related to our character?

I have a hard time imagining a guy with these as his Samurai Edicts would not get Sword.


"Those willing to draw blood will have their own drawn in return"- Muga believes that anyone who plots the death of another will some day have it return on them. Muga has no moral compunctions against killing anyone who would fight. Likewise, he doesn't hold other's slaughters on the battlefield against them either. Those who would kill, in his opinion, have thrown away all rights to mercy or justice, instead choosing to depend on their own strength. However, the counterpoint to this is one of the few shreds of decency Muga still has. Those with no will to fight or kill, whether by their hand or their machinations, do have the right to expect mercy and should not be killed, perhaps even protected.
"The first tool of mankind truly designed just for warfare and slaughter, the sword has acquired our taste for blood"- Muga has a reverence for the sword and other similar cultural weapons that explicitly originated for combat, unlike bows or spears originally for hunting. He will respect the blade of an opponent as part of that opponent, not something to be stolen or weakened by treachery, but to be met head on in colliding battle. He will never attempt to disarm or steal a "true" weapon from an opponent, whether in battle or out of it. If he chooses to spare someone for being a worthy opponent, for example, he will allow that opponent to leave with his "true" weapon regardless of how stark raving stupid it is to do so.
"We walk our path to death alone."- Muga does not believe in fighting as a unit anymore. He fights alone. He's not so prideful as to reject healing when wounded or magical assistance when he fights an opponent similarly assisted. Still, he's not a team player. If you change your plan to coordinate with his actions, he can't do anything about that, but he won't likely go along with plans to double team any warrior he believes is worthy of respect. (Has Loner Drawback, -1 to AC when adjacent to an ally or aiding another.)

I thought choosing Words was sort of a "If I was to sum up this character in two words, what would they be?" sort of thing.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Yeah irrelevant of their mechanics I'm already dead set on Anastasia having Sun and Night, but that's also me being obsessed with character builds.

I will get working on my background tomorrow.

Let me expand on that.

What you were in your past life didn't have godbound powers. And since we're asking about your past life, your background, discussing which godbound powers you want is premature.

It's like asking if you can have a specific feat before you decide what your concept is. No one feat should have so much impact.

Looking at the godbound powers and deciding that you want a martial character or a caster is fine. Hopefully by now you've read through godbound and know that some sort of conversion has to take place just because of how damage, hp, saves, etc are handled in the two systems.

We've been going through the godbound powers and making adjustments to how they work, some may not be available or have greater changes to make them work in pathfinder without breaking pathfinder.

But that's a later date. First, how did you fail in trying to save the world?

As an example:

Validk lived and worked in Korvosa, when the troubles began, he left his small bookshop and fought in the resistance. But it was too no avail, within the ruins of Scarwall, Validk and his band met their end. Even his vaunted powers of the arcane were not enough to defeat the evils within that ancient fortress. When Validk woke in the stable, he felt diminished, while he was given a second chance, he realized that his spell casting was greatly diminished.

Well, I already posted how Muga died above.

As far as having a concept, his past life, this character has 720 posts. And this roleplay picks off at level 8, literally exactly after those 720 posts leave off.

There's a full bio on his page explaining his backstory, and if you care to read through a couple thousand posts worth of roleplaying, you can learn a lot about him. I feel like his concept's pretty solid. But forgive me for thinking you probably won't go and read all 3,300 posts of that roleplay from the point Muga joined. But hey, if you want, here's the link! #1333

Me saying "I think Muga will have the Sword Word" is a way of me trying to summarize those 3,300 posts of roleplaying so that you don't have to read them. Muga's sword, and the idea of an attachment with your weapon are all incredibly important to him. Muga risked death once, challenging a captured enemy to a duel. He had carried their weapon with him, wrapped and kept safe, but not used, because it was still theirs in Muga's eyes. After the immediate crisis was over, he returned it to them and fought them honorably one on one. Risking death because Muga thinks your personal weapon has more meaning than 'this helps me kill harder'.

Now if you mean that the circumstances of death are going to affect what Words he gains, I'm not opposed to that. I wouldn't mind Fire or something involving it as a word. Or Technology or something like that if it's related to the Adventure Path and not the specific to exactly how you died (given Furkas' tendencies, I'm thinking Lingering Fireball, but I didn't see his statblock).

But if Muga DOES NOT get the Sword word, that itself is going to be a major part of his story arc. Aka figuring out the mystery of "Why do my divine powers not match me in any shape or form". This is not a bad thing. It could be fun. But if that's the case, I'd prefer if you were up front and honest about it. If, for example, you gave everyone a mismatched Mythic Rank in a type that doesn't match their class in a campaign, that could be very interesting to see what they do with it, but it should not be a surprise.

Validk doesn't have as many posts, but is in a similar vein, he's got a history.

What I was speaking to, was those individuals that were wanting to know about picking words and may not have yet considered where they were before.

Most often, when a player makes a character above 1st level, they only have a very rough idea of a background, they build the character, pick their options, then build a background to fit the character sheet. We are asking for hte background first.

Lian was a human and is now a Kitsune- her Kitsune 'human disguise' will e her old appearance.

Lian's someone who, after the end of Kingmaker, went around running desperately to raise a defense of the neighboring city states. The River Kingdoms are full of them, so I can write short things on half-a-dozen attempts.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Kei made it through most of legacy of fire. He's also one of the few concepts straight out of the gate for that that I saw as being multiclassed. Typically I play single classed characters.

Let me know if you want more specifics of who he is (I based his backstory off of the blurbs for the six legacy of fire mods and the ruins of pathfinder doc, so I don't know if it's completely accurate or not as I haven't played them).

Lian, a human, got into the attempt to reclaim the Stolen Lands early on, joining the nascent attempt at nation building, and helping assist friends and allies along the way, through a variety of crisis, her sorcery and verbal skills serving her well. Perhaps too well- along the way she met Macer Brook, a half-elf, and they fell in love.

Just as the situation with King Irovetti, ruler of Pitax, resolved, she moved with Macer to his home town of Avendale, capital of the small River Kingdom of Touvette. She was there when she received word the Stolen Lands vanished, and at first she mourned and counted herself lucky. Less-so, when the Fey began to emerge from the rift between worlds created by the event, the Fae Nyssa apparently not done with just stealing a nation away.

Feeling she must act, and beginning to wonder if she could've made a difference if she hadn't left in the first place, she packed her bags and immediately began meeting with every leader she could in order to try and form a united front. Hajoth Hakados to the north in Numeria, who's barbarians laughed at the idea it'd be a threat and not more than a few easily-handled raids. Mivon, city of duelists, who felt their strength would keep them safe and instead of offering aid, pulled in to protect themselves. Gralton, still obsessed with Galt and looking south, and hard to budge from it's position. Finally Liberthane to the south, her biggest success, who was willing to lend some troops to aid Touvette as a just-in-case if nothing else.

It wasn't enough, without a united front from Mivon or any aid from Gralton, her city of Avendale met a fate as unpleasant as she feared, dark fey rode in and took humans and others back to their realms as slaves or worse, and she met her end on a rider's lance, mere moments after seeing her Macer fall before her.

When she woke up, she was surprised, and transformed. She has vague memories of some meeting in the Boneyard where vastly powerful beings discussed her fate and asked her a question, to which she answered 'yes'. Now a kitsune, she recognized the species of her homeland, and saw how her new form reflected her talents better than her old ever did. Still a powerful sorceress, she could now control her guise, her tongue felt sharper, her magic more potent. This time, the stubbornness of fools would not stand in her way.

Dark Archive

Oh, I'm sorry I didn't pooost here sooner, being one of those who originally made intrest... hmm, I want to play a Vigilante but I'm not sure one would fit this game, is that alright?

... and I'll probably pick the Warlock archetype.

Although because I see no offical character limits I'm probably gonna go for a catfolk, one of my favorite races, and make a former merchant who sidelined as a hero, although it looks like here he'll stay as his Vigilante side more than not...

Backstory and such comming soon.

I'll probably do something with the events of Kingmaker, make her a part of the original party, only to have corruption and disamay defeat the rest of the party, letting the fey easily retake and overrun the stolenlands and return it to the wild.

Although because I'm not the first to think this, I may also do Hells rebels. Having the rebelion crushed after a well placed inquisition.

Dark Archive

Here is the alias for my Vigilate, and yes I know it's more about story for now, but having a base like this helps (and I've had this idea for a long time)

And I'm thinking that she may have changed... after being captured by the Inquisition and possibly tortured by devils, cultists, And even possibly brainwashed by them, she isn't the same as she was before... now she's... darker.

I'm gonna have her be sorta strange, her normal alighnment LN, and her vigilante be LE, showing her motives have changed. She no-longer cares. All she wants is create order, and she'll do anything to do it. She isn't a mastermind of a statistic killer, she's simply a harsh and brutal enforcer. Turned to the side of the devils despite originally despising them and wanting to rebel against the order of Chelax.

I think this idea is one of the better I've seen on these threads. I wrote a little background, I can add a lot of details, but this should give you an idea of whether you'd like this character in your campaign.

Nordri Nipingr, the Dwarven Jeweler and Rogue:

Nordri Nipingr is an honest and upstanding member of Absalom’s Guild of Jewelers, well …upstanding at least. For this dwarf is a thief, a rogue, an occasional murderer and somewhat of a bastard. He is an excellent jeweler though, whether gem-cutting or designing and crafting a fashionable necklace for aristocratic ladies. He quickly realized that as he was a skilled jeweler, he could make stolen jewels change form and be sold again, not at black market value, but at high street value. He had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar a couple of times, but with the backing of the guild of jewelers those circumstantial cases were thrown out against this fine upstanding dwarven craftsman.

I say "is", but he died, so I guess "was"? But turns out he "is" again ...let me just tell you how he went from "is to a "was".

On a trip to deal with the Kellid people in Kenabres, where he was told of fortunes in gems available at rock-bottom prices, he got caught up in a war with the forces of the Abyss. Reluctantly he participated, hoping to gain riches, he found himself drawn in, ready to fight for ideals greater than money. Making it into the Citadel of Drezen he was eventually betrayed by Kiranda as she stabbed him in the back, figurately AND literally, as he sought to kill Staunton Vhane. As he was being beaten to a bloody mess by Vhane’s half-fiendish minotaurs, Nordri still believed he made the right choice in fighting for good.

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

I was curious about previously existing gods, especially ones that vanished (such as Amaznen), fell into obscurity due to worshippers being destroyed (Peacock Spirit) or straight died (Aroden, Curchanus, Acavna).

I was considering a concept using such a god's trapped essence suddenly returning to Golarion or maybe the last vestige of their spirit seeing a chance to regain power and thus possessing a mortal but naturally a complete divorce of their previous memories and abilities.

If anyone has ever heard of The Winter of the World series by Michael Scott Rohan, I will assume you understand what I mean.

I guess the main difference would be this suggests a wounded/dying/trapped divine being choosing mortality in a last gambit to regain power. Whether they inhabit a mortal, pass on their essence (thus the original consciousness is effectively dead and gone), or simply are the soul that enters the new vessel of a freshly created infant would be up to what you allow. Would such an origin be acceptable?

EDIT: I should mention that of my examples, my interest lies more with Amaznen or Acavna with the edge to Amaznen. Having Amaznen return after vanishing with all the aboleths' magic still bereft of his lover the moon and burning desire to find a way to revive her now that the world has been broken, perhaps his chance to release her essence from where it's trapped in [redacted] has finally arrived...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber
pinvendor wrote:

I was curious about previously existing gods, especially ones that vanished (such as Amaznen), fell into obscurity due to worshippers being destroyed (Peacock Spirit) or straight died (Aroden, Curchanus, Acavna).

I was considering a concept using such a god's trapped essence suddenly returning to Golarion or maybe the last vestige of their spirit seeing a chance to regain power and thus possessing a mortal but naturally a complete divorce of their previous memories and abilities.

Your idea sounds similar to what Ash and I have been working on. Interested in the third spot on pantheon?

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

I'm not opposed, but I think that would largely depend on whether my proposed Amaznen/Acavna concept is or isn't allowed depending on what their stance is on said deities or other canon dead/missing deities.

If they need either approved living or new wholecloth deities, count me on board!


Would you mind terribly if a player who didn't see the earlier thread toss his hat into the foray.

I have some inkling to play a Dwarf from a campaign I had to bow out of due to depression and other health reasons a while back but now that I'm doing loads better would like to see possibly play again.

Yea, you're absolutely allowed to apply for this, even if you didn't post in the earlier interest thread!!

Please feel free to post up a background, including which AP you were a part of(if any) and how you died.

This is Jing's character from the Giantslayer AP. If possible I will be using mostly what's in the backstory and the like from this character page but will be making up the death/how things went situation.

Giantslayer, a Wulfrum failure. Spoilers ahead:

The hardships had been many, scars had been earned, lives were saved and many orcs, giant-kind, and minor dragons had been slain. The villiage of Trunau while broken and burned was able to rebuild and owed their lives to the band of heroes. Wulfram, a crotchety old man who had had enough of his kin and their caves, had made a life there at one time and over the years had even come to be an adopted father of sorts to many of the younger generation.
It is with this dwarf that we follow the tale. Wulfrum and company (A motley group consisting of two half orcs, four humans, and a fellow dwarf almost half the age of the old timer) had fought back the orcs and their kind. Continuing forward in an attempt to stop the invading masses from striking again upon their own village and more, the group traveled facing many evils. Time after time, they managed to skirt the clutches of death and come out triumphant. At least so it was till they fell upon the Cathedral of Minderhal. Giants and their kin, as well as dragons lay broken upon the path leading up to this great cathedral. The group feeling confidant about their abilities having faced dangerous foe after dangerous foe and coming out alive and well on the other side, walked into the cathedral with high hopes.
Still they continued through the cathedral, a dozen giants fell upon their blades, a two headed troll and even a couple of ogres joined the score. The group kept their spirits up for though a couple had retired from their group, none had died. Wulfrum smoked his pipe as the group relaxed in the barracks of the former occupants. They were growing restless and eager to continue but his old bones were aching and telling him they should take this chance to rest up and regain their strength. Still, it was the folly of man and the fiery hearts of youth that dragged the old man to his feet and further up into the cathedral despite his advice. He shook his head, something kept nagging at him in the back of his mind about this but he left it as an effect of month old tobacco stained with the blood of giants. At the crest of the spire though, they met the omen that had been trying to catch his attention.
Urathash and his entourage had claimed this landing of the spire as their own personal room. He was a stone giant in service to the failing god of Minderhal but one of great power. The group managed to surround him, his bear, and his two giant bodyguards. Wulfrum turned his attention upon the two guards along with Varin and Arlan, two of his adopted sons. It was a hard fought battle but they defeated them, while the others took on the bear and it's master. Wulfrum did his best to keep the group healed but his divine blessings were running out. The Inquisitor of Minderhal proved to be a worthy foe of considerable strength and fortitude. It wasn't until he heard the bone snapping slam of a warhammer that Wulfrum began to see the turning point of fate. For once it wasn't in their favor. Down went Elize and Nerak in a heap, his heart practically stopping at the scene. Seeing their comrades fall, his sons lept into battle rage fueling their swings. Wulfrum tried to call every ounce of divine blessing he could to his comrades, entering the fray and slamming his warhammer down on the giant time and time again. But fate would not yield to the calls to Torag today and everything went dark when a warhammer the size of Wulfrum's head went towards Varin with the intent to kill. Wulfrum's shield had already fallen to the floor having shrugged off a blow once before meant to kill one of his children and so the old man slammed into the boy's chest hurling him out of the way. With no shield left to raise in defense of himself, the giant's warhammer found it's target and slammed with a sickening crack upon the dwarf's face.
He awoke, unsure of how much time had passed or even how he was alive. He looked around the room finding the broken bones of several humans and the discarded weapons, armor, and time worn clothing of his children. His heart broke upon seeing the broken earthbreaker that Varin had been so proud of. He picked up the pieces and did his best to find the bones of his children before making his way back to the town of Trunau. When he last remembered the town it had been on the mend, but without his group to fight against the giants and their army the town now lay broken and abandoned. He found their homes, turning each of them into a fitting tomb for the heroes and left with each of them a piece of his holy symbol. He set upon the forge, rusted and in disrepair he took the pieces of his son's weapon and forged it anew. He placed in it his anger, his hatred, and all of his power he had left and discarded his life as a War-priest. If Torag could not provide the power to save his children, then he could not call himself one of the faithful any longer and so he journeyed giving into the anger and looking back upon the years of watching his children grow up and train, he forged himself anew in their image to become the warrior they were all meant to be.

Apologies about the writing. It's a rough draft but I wanted to submit it anyways. I may adjust some stuff and the like but I think it's good enough for the time being to give a sense of the character and his temperament and reasons for class/whatever.
The profile has his earlier years and such in it as well.
Edit: I did not see earlier that you mentioned to try and avoid class changes and the like...I hope I wrote it in a manner and changed him from his original class in a manner that at least makes sense. If you don't agree that the change from Warpriest to Barb/Fighter is possible I understand and can adjust a few things with a bit of possible GM cohooting to make it fill in what he was. (At the very least possibly a change in gods to a more angry and warlike one than his former)

Okay, so I've been trying to get together a fully written backstory for the initial post since you said dotting is frowned on, but I've been having some trouble getting it together and having time to write it up nice. So, here's me just throwing my hat in the ring for now--I wasn't in the original interest, but this is very interesting as it's proposed here.

I'm working on a samurai who would've been part of Jade Regent. Something I'm toying with, though, is that rather than a PC, he was actually working for one of the villains, as a loyal and dedicated warrior. Sort of the "devoted to a fault" type, who was so honorbound to his lord that he fought for him even though he recognized the righteous nature of his foes. He was brought back due to that unyielding faith as well as his swordsmanship.

Hopefully that's acceptable? If not, he'll probably be a ronin who joins the PCs once they reach Minkai, again incredibly honorbound but instead loyal to Ameiko as the rightful heir of the Jade Throne--probably dying because he throws in with them and takes on threats he isn't truly equipped to face.

Hey Loup, I was thinking of a similar backstory for a different character, maybe we can do a shared history?

My character is a changling kunoichi; I was thinking of making her a ninja in service of the Jade Regent in her past life. Maybe we worked together? Perhaps we died separately, or perhaps not.

I was thinking my character would of been probably executed for disobeying an order to evil to commit.

I can't resist. I'm going to bring my all time favorite character out of retirement for this. Silas Lowe is a former Chelish Naval Captain. He was framed, and his entire family, so he believed, was murdered or arrested by House Thrune. He escaped and spent several years as a Pirate before finding himself a drunk running a boat for hire on lake Enchantran in Ustalav. He came out of it in a painful, yet wonderful journey on the trail of the Whispering Tyrant. The last thing he remembers is watching those that he had come to love as a new family being slowly torn apart. Fighting with the flash of his unreal Bastard Sword alongside his unlikely best friend, a paladin of Iomedae, stepping over the broken bodies of the hunter and her beloved companion, he fights to the very last ounce of his strength. Eventually the Paladin falls, no longer able to heal himself, his last words bore his typical oafish banter. Silas continued to fight, but he was drained of his stylish fighting ability, and the runes that gave him the edge were fading from his arm. When the final blow was struck, he welcomed the sweet release of death. Perhaps Desna would bear him to his family.

All Silas remembers is a mask. He remembers asking to be taken to his family, and, wordlessly the mask lowered onto his face. Now this. Where is my sword? Where is my Coat!? ... Where am I?... "AND WHERE IS MY DAMN RUM!?" He kips up and knocks the kid back, scaring him half to death. He pats himself down, looking for his rum, and looks about for his signature coat and sword. Touching his right arm, he grimaces. Sin runes hurt when they're put in, removing them isn't any better.

The TL;DR:
Silas is a Swashbuckler from Carrion Crown. He made it to Renchurch before we graduated out of college and away from our group. He was unbelievably badass and thus far has pointedly eschewed following a deity. I imagine he will want to maintain that even as he becomes a deity, encouraging others to take care of themselves rather than wait on some faceless sky force.

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I have a question about the setup that we're going with.

As we had preset character classes before we died (for example, Kei was a Rogue 4/barbarian 2/Shadowdancer 2/Bard 10) can we select different classes or level ratios when levelling up (assuming that we do level up)?

So if I was those four classes in my past life and I have them again, could I take a different class if it made sense to me and the story? I'm more curious than anything else.

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