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Undead and (Un)Holy Vindicator?

Rules Questions

Dark Archive

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Since undead are immune to bleed damage, would an undead be unable to use the Stigmata ability, or would it be an exception as a class ability?

Dark Archive

Anyone know? Does class ability trump template?

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Class ability does not trump immunity unless it is specifically worded to do so (i.e. "this bleed damage applies even if the HV is normally immune"). So if the undead tries to use Stigmata, the bleed won't affect it. Since the benefits come in "while the stigmata are bleeding," they don't come in at all. There are downsides to being undead ;)

Dark Archive

Alright, yeah that's what I thought. The character in question is only semi-undead (anti-paladin, knight of the sepulcher... doesn't become immune to bleed until level 20 so as a holy vindicator she's fine since she'll never see that capstone) but I was curious just in hypothetical if she did go fully undead, she'd lose her prestige class, essentially.

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