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Dislike the number of clicks required for the new event edit page

Website Feedback

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Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

In My Pathfinder Society, GM/Event Coordinator when you edit the event it now brings you to a page with multiple sections.

  • Description with its own edit button.
  • Details with its own edit button.
  • Player Requirements with its own edit button.
  • Location with its own edit button.
  • Schedule with its own edit button.
  • Scenarios with its own select scenarios button.
  • Delegated Reporters -- which is the only one you can directly modify from this page.

When you do the VERY COMMON thing of adding more scenarios to an event (because you use one event for a store location), it then brings you to a sub-screen that breaks them out by season. Where before you could mark multiple scenarios from multiple seasons all at once, now you have to go into each season and select scenarios.

I really preferred the old page where I could add scheduled dates and scenarios all on one page.

Could we do something to reduce the number of separate pages someone has to go through in order to add another game day with its own list of scenarios to an event?

I do not mind that things which I seldom change such as location or player requirements require their own screen. It is entering the new dates and scenarios that I found to be annoying.

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

Today I noticed more changes to the event entry.

I will have to experiment a little with it. Right now my only comment is "different" and that the list of scenarios to choose from was extremely long. I was surprised to see ACG on the list considering I've never hosted ACG.

I will look at it more carefully later.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The whole new event page is also painfully slow in loading/navigation (~1 min to bring up the page and for each button click) and the buttons give no indication they are doing anything - i.e. I have no idea if my button click actually registered.
It's pretty, but a pain to navigate and use.

Paizo Employee Software Test Engineer

Thanks for the feedback you two, I should be able to bring a bit of light to these particular concerns.

We added a few more features to event reporting to help with some performance issues that many long term reporters were having. The long list of events is from the toggleable "Show More Scenarios / Show Fewer Scenarios" menu that should be available on the reporting page, but automatically populates under certain circumstances.

Yours isn't populating the Fewer Scenarios list and is defaulting to the "Show More Scenarios" list. This occurs when the system can't find any scenarios scheduled to be played near the current date, if there is a scenario scheduled as being played near the current time frame it should automatically populate as a smaller list of selectable PFS options that should default as your drop down selectable scenario options.

If you edit the event and scroll down to the "Schedule" section, creating a new expected play session in the near future and adding scenarios to it should cause those to be what populates by default when you go to report for your event.

The Events page took a few days to fully reflect the changes made by the new code we pushed on Tuesday, during that time it was significantly slower. It was supposed to reflect the changes made almost immediately, but hit a snag that caused it to be slow for a window of about 36 hours. It's performance should have kicked into full speed around Friday afternoon / evening.

Tried to edit an existing event to add the last weeks game to report it. I gave up after experiencing the same thing as BretI.

But then I found the "Show More Scenarios" list in the reporting section. It was convenient to report events using the show more scenarios option.

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