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Race Building: The Majestic Mantaur


I got the idea for this when I saw a picture that latched onto my brain and wouldn't let go. It was first horrifying, then tantalizing. I can't help but create The Majestic Mantaur in a campaign setting.

All I have so far is

    He is the only one of his kind. His mother was a Human; a normal girl living a normal life, who meets a dashing Centaur one day during a trek into the mountains. She had heard of these majestic creatures since her childhood, but having never seen one before was entranced by his beauty and wonder. After a lot of vague backstory, she soon found she was pregnant, and worried heavily as she wasn't sure how she could manage pushing a horse out of her. Together they sought the local soothsayer and were soothed to hear there was nothing to fear, that her human side would balance the Centaur side. Unbeknownst to them, the soothsayer detest interspecies diluting. She performed a ritual to not only guarantee that the centaur's whore not survive, but to have the bastard child be a warning to all others who would dare defile Human Sanctity. She died upon giving birth to this monstrosity of a creature none had ever laid eyes upon before; having the semblance of a body on top of another body, the village folk could only look at horror at what had come out of the poor woman. Banished, his father raised him in the wilderness, to live life as a nomad, as his father had and his father before him.

Blah blah blah anyway I figure that due to anatomy and the fact that his father is his only role model, he walks on 4 limbs and uses 2 to do stuff, but like Tarzan, he is capable of more than his furry family. I'm not sure how to put that trait-wise, but I figure when I'm on two legs and using 4 hands, the DM gives me a -2 on some things. I also imagine that the extra limbs would be great for a grappler, but I'm looking purely for critiques on the one-man "Race" itself.

Large (7 RP)
Monstrous Humanoid (3 RP)
Climb (2 RP)
Mountaineer (1 RP)
Multi-Armed (4 RP)
Quadruped (2 RP)
Specialized (1 RP) +2 STR, +2 CON, -2 CHA
Human Heritage (0 RP)

I used the Centaur template provided by our glorious leaders at Paizo and removed some bits and pieces like Darkvision, Fast (Quadraped already gives +10, another is too silly), Natural Armor (it's just skin), and all the stat bonuses. I also through in some mountain stuff since he lived away from the city, Multiarmed for obvious reasons, and Human Heritage for some reason.

Please leave me any questions, comments, complaints, or concerns.

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