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Build advice for Legion


Hello everyone, just started watching legion, and have to say, it's really good. I want to build a character around David. However, I don't know much about him other than the show (don't read the comics). So with that, I just want to make sure he is PFS legal, and the race can change, I know he won't match up exactly. I just want something close that will be fun to play during a session. Was thinking mesmerist, or maybe spiritualist? Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome!

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Well, in the comics David has thousands of personalities.

You are not going to model thousands of powers in PFS.

If you just want the flavor, then Medium is perfect.
You take on a new "power" set daily.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber

Yeah, medium is pretty much the only way to do it, just realize that you're going to be at a much lower power level than a major X-Men villain.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

His main powers are:
Time travel.
Reality warping.

Okay, sorry about the many threads, phone locked up and didn't load. So medium is the best way to go to at least get a small feel of David?

Really depends on what one of his personalities you want to go with. If you kind of want a catch all, I don't know if its PFS legal, but a Psychic Bloodline Sorcerer could fit pretty well.

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