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Future Certs and a Dead Character

Roleplaying Guild General Discussion


So if you play as a pre-gen of a higher level, the character doesn't apply that cert till it reaches said level, that is understood. However, what happens if said character never reaches that level? Is that cert wasted?

I ask, cause in PFS guide, it says that the cert isn't 'applied' till the character reaches that level; so it just got me thinking, if it's not applied (and never will be), does that mean the cert is just scrapped, or can it be moved to another living character, that is below the level required? It just seems a waste to scrap it, as it was time played and really no reward gained (as the character never got to use the gold/pa/xp).

I figure it would be scrapped for the ease of paperwork, but was never able to actually find a written answer on the matter; so I thought I'd seek out an actual ruling, rather than an implied one (unless I'm blind and was not able to find an actual ruling).


Grand Lodge *

DrakeSpartan wrote:
Is that cert wasted?

Short answer: yes.

Shadow Lodge ****

It's toast. One reason i recommend turning it into a first level chronicle to get you out of level 1.


Thanks for the help :D

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