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I have joined a PFS group that I thought was doing one module, as it turns out, we're doing a Pirate themed PFS campaign really, with different modules and Adventure Paths linked together to take us from level 1 to 16 or 17. I want to be a spell caster and I'm really looking at three options (blaster types). I have a chronicle from another adventure path, so I'm essentially level 3 right now:

Option 1: Wizard with Spellbinder Archetype (Teleportation) Divination/Necromancy Opposition Schools. I'll take the 1 level dip into crossblooded Sorcerer and take Orc and Draconic bloodlines.

Pros: I love the Spellbinder Archetype. It allows me to load up on utility spells, and be able to spontaneously cast the blasting spells.

One stat. This will be my Eyes of the Ten protege, which means a 22 INT from level 1. That's a 17 DC at level 1. My spells are going to stick (which is why I'm taking Necromancy as opposition instead of enchantment).

With the Sorcerer Dip, I get Detect Magic back.

Cons: I've done it before. I have this exact build at level 15. I REALLY enjoyed it, but, been there done that.

Requires a level dip. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it bugs me, and I need to use feats to make up the spell casting level.

Option 2:
Arcanist, no archetype, Human Dual Talent (INT/CHA)

Pros: Never done it before

Exploits means I can take the Orc Bloodline without a level dip.

I can also take Dimensional Slide, and get the big benefit of the Teleportation school.

Spontaneous caster who's able to switch out spells.

I can take School Understanding and get the benefits of Admixture.

Cons: Limited spells. With my wizard build at 3rd level (2wiz / 1sorc) I have 4 first level spells, plus my Spellbinder spell, plus one spell as a Sorc. As a 3rd level Archanist, 3 1st level spells (this is huge to me).

Requires 2 Stats, INT and CHA.

I'll lose +1 per die. Fireballs at 10th level would be 10d6+15, instead of 10d6+20

Option 3: This is kind of in the middle of the two. Wizard with the Exploit Archetype. Downside to this, is I get the worst of both worlds until level 4, then I can make up some of the different with Extra Exploit Feat. I've pretty much ruled this one out, unless someone has a case for it.

So those are what I'm looking at, and I'm really inching towards the Spellbinder. Are the Exploits that I'm not looking at that could make up the difference?

Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.

I always lean towards new experiences. Playing the same character gets old quick.

Do note that you would need the arcanist archetype to get orc bloodline power. This also cuts you off from every other arcanist archetype(book check needed)

Dual stats: a medium cha is definitely livable with arcanist. 10 to 14 is perfectly playable. There is only a handful of (important)things that even scale off cha. Also you might be slightly overestimating the power of an 18 in int.

Limited Spells: this is an issue. Typically I recommend casters carry a light crossbow for the majority of their career. I would argue that arcanists have traded spell quantity for versatility. Arcanists will never have a wasted spell slot. Meanwhile wizards have to only pick generically useful spells or risk wasted slots. Between that and quick study arcanists are free to pick up more different spells.

Best Exploits: Familiar, School Understanding(Foresight, Creation, Void, Admixture), Quick Study, Metamagic Knowledge, Metamixing, Potent Magic, Arcane Discovery, Spell Tinker, Counterspell, Dimensional Slide

Greater Exploits: Greater Metamagic Knowledge, Spell Thief

I don't recommend exploit wizard. You just lose to much on the front end when you need it the most. In return you get not all that much.

Don't play society so check if what I suggest is legal

It'll be a 22 INT with Eyes of the Ten.

With the Spellbinder Archetype I am much less likely to have waited spell slots.

What do you mean "Archanist Archetype"? If you're talking about the Wizard, I would dip Sorcerer. Archanist I would just take the bloodline archetype.

I am usually about new experiences too, I'm just not sure this is worth it.

For being a blaster, I'd probably just go straight sorcerer. Wizard can be ok as a blaster, but I really don't feel like the arcanist has the spell slots to make blasting worthwhile. The arcanist is more about versatility than anything else.

If you would look at arcanist archetypes then School Savant gets you an extra spell prepared per spell level. While it does lock you out of the school understanding exploit, it gives you all the abilities of one arcane school and you can only take school understanding once as a normal arcanist - you seemed to be suggesting above that you could do so more than once. The Magical Epiphany feat lets you prepare a spell in an empty slot 1/day as a standard action, which is faster than fast study and might even be useful in the middle of combat.

Admittedly if you're looking at blasting then you're probably better to go for Blood Arcanist (orc) and to take the school development (admixture) exploit at 5th. Magical Epiphany may still be useful.

An arcanist with charisma 13 or less is playable but I would try for 14+ personally.

If we're talking blaster, as the board's current advocate for Words of Power (there never seems to be more than one at a time), I will advise that system. Tons of flexibility, though it sacrifices some utility. That being said, if you can talk your GM into letting the human FCB add a spell, not a word, known each level, you can make up for it quite nicely. I'll just link this guide, as it does a good job explaining how to use a WoP sorcerer.

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Just a quick question about the say that it lets you spontaneously cast? From what I read, though, you need a full round action just to swap a memorised spell for the bound spell. Doesn't that mean you take, effectively, 2 rounds to cast a spell? Doesn't seem so useful toe me, unless I'm missing something?

It also appears to lock you out of applying metamagic when you swap.

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