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Fluff n Crunch - Erza Scarlet

Advice and Rules Questions


I've made a level 1 Aasimar Soulknife (soon to multiclass Aegis then prestige into metaforge) and I am completely lost as to how to build her.

If you've ever watched Fairy Tail, I am trying to build an Erza Scarlet type character [], or even Yusa from The Devil is a Part-timer. In short, someone who can summon weapons and armor and is flexible between a tank and rogue etc. Not to make it difficult or anything.. Also refluffed from psionics to celestial summoning abilities.

Rise of the Runelords
Archer Paladin
Brawler (yes, it's Natsu)

So, is there some way to set up feats that could be used in both tank form and rogue form? Also any help figuring blade skills and weapon property synergies would be amazing! Mostly feats, but no cheesy psionics or my character will likely be banned :)

Wish List-
Tank form:
Juggernaut armor via Aegis (
Flying armor enhancement later or wings via aasimar...
Should I be looking into the War Soul archetype?

Rogueish form:
Duel wielding?
Astral Skin armor via Aegis + leather armor
Need proficiency with disarm traps..

Potential Bladeskills:
( )

Absorbing Blade
Alter Blade
Bladewind (Heavens
Combat Slide
Fluid Form
Focused Defense/Offense
Mind Daggers
Reflective Blade
Twin Stike
Reapers Blade
Ice Blade
Mind Blade Finesse (Oh wow, should I ditch strength and go dex based?)

I realize that this character is not going to be optimal, but I was hoping with some help she wouldn't be completely useless as well! Thanks in advance!

3rd party stuff, flagged to move to a forum where more people are experienced with it.

The first thing that sprang to my mind when I read the title was the occultist. Probably with the battle host archetype so he can use his armor as his implement (put glamered on it for the visuals).

His focus powers seem to grant a lot of the stuff you are looking for. Transmutation gives you extra speed or flying for example, while abjuration allows you to spontaneously place magic properties on your suit.
He isn't all that rogueish, but gets a decent amount of skillpoints to try.

Alternatively you could look into the brawler class, which allows you to get combat talents on the fly, so you could be a tank in one fight and become a two-weapon fighter during the next.

Erza is hard to do in PF, but Natsu is better represented with a bloodrager or kineticist.

I agree with the Occultist thing.
Using telekinetic master you could do her Blumenblatt

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Take a look at the spheres of power wikidot site and click on the class called "armorist."

The class is almost literally designed to be Erza.

so, aegis soulknife can work really well. because of all the multiclassing you will likely be doing, Student of the Astral Suit and Fighter's Blade feats will be important as soon as possible. also, because of all the blade skills you have your eyes on, you may need to pick up Extra Blade Skill a few times to make up for lost levels and to be able to do some of that at a reasonable level. you will not have a bunch a free feats going this route though.

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