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Keen Appraiser

Rules Questions

I have a roguw with Keen Appraiser. Your frequent handling of magic items, artifacts, and other enchanted goods has made you an expert at determining when something has magical properties.

Benefit(s): You gain a +1 trait bonus on Appraise checks.

In addition, you need only exceed the DC of an Appraise check by 2 in order to determine whether the item in question has magic properties (although success still does not grant knowledge of the magic item’s abilities).

My question is do I still need detect Magic with spellcraft in order to identify Magic Items or is Keen Appraiser with Spellcraft enough?

Not sure if this has been addressed before did not see anything about it as far as I could see.

Thank you in advance.


Say you make the Appraise DC and exceed it by 2. You have effectively gotten the first round of Detect Magic for free. You know it's magical. You don't get any other benefits, like number of auras or strength of auras. It's a trait, not a feat. Get the real Detect Magic.

Detect Magic:
1st Round: Presence or absence of magical auras.
2nd Round: Number of different magical auras and the power of the most potent aura.
3rd Round: The strength and location of each aura

From the PRD on Spellcraft:
Determine Properties of Magic Item
Attempting to ascertain the properties of a magic item takes 3 rounds per item to be identified and you must be able to thoroughly examine the object.

Trait Two-World magic: lets a caster get a 0 level spell from another list (if you are a caster without Detect Magic).

Feat Arcane Talent (Cha 10; elf, half-elf, or gnome): Cast a 0-level spell 3 times per day as a spell-like ability.

Rogue Talent Minor Magic (Int 10): Cast a 0-level spell 3 times per day as a spell-like ability.

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