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Hey y'all, I have been/am a player in about 6 PBP games, not counting the ones that fell apart after a week, but I'm only the GM of one. I have a couple of campaign ideas bouncing around in my head and thought I'd ask for people's thoughts.

What are y'all's preferences between:
1) Kingmaker AP. Exactly what it says on the tin. Wouldn't be opposed to doing Second Darkness or Jade Regent either.

2) "Ilyarandin, Cradle of Nightmares" Inspired by Lost Cities of Golarion, this campaign would start off in Magnimar but eventually lead into the Darklands.

3) "The Sunspawn War" Also inspired by LCoG, this campaign would start at level 5 and have a narrower focus: the party would play as a Mordant Spire strike team, quietly infiltrating the island of the Sun Temple Colony to disable the temple's powerful artifact-weapon.

I'm also a longtime lover of 3.5 Forgotten Realms, so if people are interested in that I have a zillion ideas.

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Hmmmm....intrigued by everything there save for Kingmaker (already in a game). Especially the Darklands.

Well, Jade Regent would be interesting, and I am a fellow lover of the Forgotten Realms.


I'd be interested in playing in any of the AP's. I haven't played any of those before, so I'd enjoy the chance to.

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2 looks somewhat interesting, though I also would consider 3. I've played most of Kingmaker, and it's not my bag.

I'd be more interested in an AP than any homebrew. I'm already in a Kingmaker game, but could definitely go for Second Darkness or Jade Regent.

I'm already in a Kingmaker...the rest sounds fine!

Ohh, #2 please. I'd kill for a Darklands game. That sounds great.

#1 would be my first choice, having never played Kingmaker. #2 is a close second. I am also a huge 3.5 FR fan, and would have no issues with breaking out my old books there, too.

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Sounds like not so much interest in Kingmakers, but plenty of interest in one of the other APs or the Ilyarandin campaign. Going to leave the thread open for a few more days to let others put their two cents' in before making a decision.

Kingmaker is something of an acquired taste anyway, people seem to either love it or lump it, with not too much in-between.

I missed the mention of Second Darkness. Obviously with my love of the Darklands, that would be just swell too.

#2 & #3 as well! I always found campaigns with a tight focus and theme like #3 can be a lot of fun.

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I like Kingamker but unfortunately PbP is not a good format for Kingdom building. Jade Regent is also good but you would have to ditch or modify the caravan rules. Second Darkness has issues toward the middle/end of the AP.

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I'm headed off for a conference tomorrow, will leave the thread open so anyone else can add their thoughts until I return. Will make a decision on campaign a week from tomorrow. Thanks!

Your homebrew sounds very interesting, if you chose to go #3 I'd most definitely apply.

I am one of those who is on a constant hunt for a kingmaker game. I don't know much about the other AP's but I've heard great things about Jade Regent. If you go Kingmaker I certainly will apply, if you go with something else I probably will because I need more Pathfinder in my life.

+1 for interest in Jade Regent or Kingmaker.

+1 for Kingmaker

Signing on for interest in #2 or #3.

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Count me interested as well, especially in any kind of Forgotten Realms campaign or in your homebrew stuff. Though I'd also like the APs with the caveat that I've read parts of every one of them (mainly the early parts). Has been a while, but still needs to be said.

Assuming you don't mind someone who has read Kingmaker playing in your game, I'd be interested. Also, threads like this are not always a great indicator of interest when you don't have a specific AP or such in the title. Kingmaker games regularly draw crowds in the dozens to apply, even when I had an opening for two people in my ongoing KM game I got probably 12-15 submissions. You'd get a lot more with a game run from the start.

PbP requires more effort for the kigdom building, but if you get a strong group it can work. If you do end up running it, whether I'm in it or not I could give you some tips to help it run more smoothly.

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I'm confident that people can separate character & player knowledge.

Haha, you've certainly got a lot of interest, but it's all over the place.
You're going to have to get a sheep dog, to round us all up with.

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bump, so the thread isn't buried

Hey CrusaderWolf, I believe I'm currently playing with you Scott's Carrion Crown (Dmitry here). Looking to get into another good game or two so I figured I'd throw in my two cents. I find APs to kind of be hit or miss with me personally; generally depends on the DM I suppose (for example I really like what Scott is doing in Carrion Crown and making the characters feel personally invested and such...I feel like sometimes I've been in some APs and I just feel like a game piece in the story rather than part of it). I generally prefer homebrew but I'll give anything a shot; never done Kingmaker or Second Darkness and I think I played 1 session of Jade Regent once. The Darklands sounds interesting. I played a lot of 3.5 as well, but nothing in Forgotten Realms (always played in homebrew worlds).

Probably not being helpful by saying down for anything, haha. I don't really know what Second Darkness or Kingmaker are about, but I'm not sure Jade Regent would be my cup of tea just from what I saw in my short exposure to it.

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Alright, so the interest seems to be pretty broad, so as a matter of personal preference I'm leaning towards #2 or Jade Regent. Final decision will be made around 9pm tonight (although I'm in Europe so it'll be much earlier that that for those of you in the US).

I brake for Kingmaker.

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Alright y'all, I'm going to go ahead and settle on the Ilvarandin homebrew because a bunch of people expressed interest in Darklands stuff and I like the subject.

Will hopefully have a recruitment thread up shortly, first must ponder how I want to do maps. Leaning towards Roll20.

That really sounds cool. If I can't do Second Darkness this certainly sounds like the next best thing! I will be keeping my eye out for this one for sure. Do you think a Deep Walker ranger would fit what you have planned? I've always wanted to play that archetype.

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Would you allow natives from the darklands as characters? I made up a duergar druid for a darklands game but didn't quite make the cut. It was made for 6th level but could be scaled back to 1st.

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CrusaderWolf wrote:
Will hopefully have a recruitment thread up shortly, first must ponder how I want to do maps. Leaning towards Roll20.

I personally prefer Google Drawings, and when I GM that's what I use. No sign in process or membership required from players.

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I'll answer character build questions once I've got the thread up, but the game will start off in Magnimat with some investigation/intrigue elements, and the trail will lead into the Darklands. The Darklands are dangerous as heck so I'd feel bad throwing low-level players inti that meat grinder.

Expect a recruitment thread up in the next few days.

Will you link to the thread here?

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Recruitment thread is now up!

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