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Indralakatra, Tales of the Black Djinn


Don't know if this is allowed but I wrote a book and put it up on Amazon for digital download.

It's my first and I had a blast writing it, but I've only sold a few copies,(a few being three), and I am pretty sure they bought it to be nice and have not read it.

It is about a young price who becomes enthralled with the story of an old man, Jorem, and his experiences many years prior with the Black Djinn, a harbinger of chaos and death. The old man's tale eventually focuses on a wondrous oasis where he and the djinn fall in love but when Jorem uncovers that they are near the lost city of Indralakatra and begs to go visit, their love is strained and Jorem must decide if he can love a being of such horrible power.

It does have a same sex relationship, just to let folks know ahead of time, but it is more a romantic book, than a 'heaving, thrusting' book. :)

And the first chapter is free on Amazon Kindle, read it and review. If you like it, it's just a couple of dollars.

Anyways, it is called Indralakatra, Tales of the Black Djinn.

Thank you for your time, and mods, if this breaks the rules, please delete and I won't post it again.

Camren Rooke, using my alter ego of Hemmick Rand

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