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Staff Channel + Quicken Spell? Or maybe rather, rules interaction process?

Rules Questions

Staff Channel wrote:
Staff Channel (Su) You can deliver touch spells with a casting time of one standard action or longer through a quarterstaff. Using this ability doesn’t change the casting time or other qualities of the spell, but you must make a melee attack with your quarterstaff against the target’s AC rather than a touch attack against its touch AC. If you hit the target, you deal quarterstaff damage as well as discharge the spell effect. You can hold the charge as normal when delivering a touch spell through a quarterstaff.

Is this referring to spells that normally have a casting time of one standard action, or does this preclude quickened spells from ever working? Or maybe rather, in what order does the rules interact with each other, to check if it works?

For example, Bestow Curse + Quicken Spell + Staff Channel, which one would be correct?

1) Bestow Curse -> Staff Channel -> Quicken Spell
(Bestow Curse is a touch spell with a standard action casting time, so it qualifies for being used with Staff Channel as-is. Quicken at your leisure.)

2) Bestow Curse -> Quicken Spell -> Staff Channel
(Bestow Curse is a touch spell with a standard action casting time, but due to Quicken Spell it is now a swift action cast spell. Because of that, you cannot use Quickened Bestow Curse with Staff Channel.)

Any thoughts?

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