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The Drinking Party


Grand Lodge

I was looking at the skald, and in the rage powers, I noticed an ability called liquid courage.

Pt. Buy 20
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What creative goodness can you guys think of?

Whew. You ready for this?

Our group just started playing a Drunken party for Jade Regent (what better AP for a drunken party than the one where you escort your favorite barkeep to help her become Empress?)

I'm at work, so forgive me, but I'm not going to be able to add links for all these, you'll have to look them up:

Barbarian - Drunken Rager (there's also Drunken Brute, but it's worse)
Monk - Drunken Master

Fast Drinker

Rage Powers:
Good for What Ails You
Liquid Courage
Staggering Drunk
Boasting Taunt
Roaring Drunk

Iron Liver (Equipment)
Cayden Cailean religion feats (see below)

Cayden Cailean:
[]Basically everything in this entry from traits, feats, Blade & Tankard style, alternative channels, etc, is a gold mine.[/url]

Prestige Class:

Amnesiac psychic
Alchemist (Craft alchemy is used for Dwarven Magic Ales)
3rd party Cavalier Order of the Flagon
3rd party Tavern Brawler archetype

Grand Lodge

That actually gave me an idea. Thanks for the Cayden Cailean link.

Skald - Spell Warrior 1

Str 16 (+2 from 14)
Dex 15 (4th and 8th level bonuses unlock ITWF)
Con 13 (12th goes here)
Int 12
Wis 10
Cha 15 (+2 from 13, and 16th goes here)

1 - Two-Weapon Fighting
3 - Double Slice
5 - Incremental Elemental Assault
7 - ?
9 - Improved Two-Weapon Fighting

Rage Powers
- Liquid Courage
- Elemental Rage, Lesser
- Elemental Rage
- Elemental Rage, Greater

- Accelerated Drinker
- Humble Beginnings (Mug)
- ?

- Burned

The basic theme of this is a mug and sword style bard who has no idea he's ripping off of a god. Beer is just something he wants to share with the world, so, why not drink with your comrades, you know?

There's another dex build I was thinking about. All I'd have to do is take TWF at 3rd, and weapon finesse first. My stats would then change to 10, 17, 14, 10, 10, 14.


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