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Who you gonna call? (Ghost helpers)


I'm making a tank for the party and our GM was a cool guy and made VMC's for every class that doesn't currently have one!

I'm a fighter/samurai with VMC: Spiritualist (it functions as the summoner one) and I'm trying to figure out which phantom to grab so I can best support the team.

I was thinking about the Anger, Dedication, hatred, Kindness, Lust and Zeal Phantoms but I don't know which to choose. We could use the damage from anger, hatred and zeal but dedication, and Kindness are idespencable party support options. And Lust can really mess up enemies, soak up damage and interact hilariously with the "ladies man" of the party! I can't choose!

It takes a full round to summon, lasts 1 round per level, and if it's based off your character level -4 like the summoner VMC then it won't be a very effective combatant. Look at it more for the 1st level special abilities - Lust would actually be good. The 7th level abilities will arrive at character level 11 at which point most of them are no longer such a big deal.

And indeed you would be correct on the wording and the advice. Avr.

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