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Godsmouth Heresy PFS Rules?

GM Discussion

The Exchange *

So I am getting ready to run the Godsmouth Heresy for my PFS group and was able to download the chronicle sheet through the product webpage here: But the download didn't include any special rules for playing the module. Am I missing something or do we just run the whole book for PFS credit?

Grand Lodge ***

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You run the whole module using the players' own 1st to 2nd level PFS characters. Each person can play it (and/or apply GM credit) with any number of 1st level characters and once with a 2nd level character.

The Exchange *

Are there any primary or secondary success conditions? Or areas that we don't play? Sometimes extra rules are applied to "streamline" the modules for Pathfinder Society play. And what would the XP and Prestige be for completing it?

Grand Lodge ***

No to both. Characters who complete the module (defeating all significant challenges - they don't have to enter every room and exterminate every creature) get 3 XP and 4 PP.

The general rules for modules are currently a bit scattered in the RPG Guild Guide, but these are on page 34 in Appendix 4.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Nebraska—Omaha aka UndeadMitch

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Generally, unless the module has special rules included with the chronicle download, it plays just like a normal (albeit longer) PFS scenario. Like Starglim mentioned, players get 3xp and 4pp for completing the module. As a general rule, all of the 32 pg modules don't have any special rules attached to them while the 64 pg modules (starting with Dragon's Demand and going forward from there) have extra rules like campaign mode (among others).


You may want to give the party a briefing just to keep it in the usual style of PFS play. VC Sheila Heidmarch usually handles scenarios in Kaer Maga.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Online aka Hmm

I always enjoy crafting briefings for modules. It can be quite a bit of fun to come up with a mission for the party.


***** Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Atlanta aka Yiroep

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If a party doesn't make it through the module, I'll make a judgment call on % of gold/PA/XP, as the gold gained in the module doesn't really correlate well for modules since they aren't made for PFS.

Shadow Lodge ****

Just ran this last week and the group had it pretty easy beyond the Great Pit. Buggers missed 5 rooms entirely though they didn't miss more than maybe 600 gp and one cantrip wand!

Silver Crusade ***

I had similar questions when I ran this one.

The Exchange *

Thanks for the clarification!

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