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Prestige class & spell casting progression

Rules Questions

Ok, probably for many of you it's a stupid question, but I want to be sure.

I am having some problems to understand how prestige class and spell progression works. Why? Simple, it's the first time for me!

If I did understand well, I just advance in the caster level, and get no other benefits. Is it right?

Let's make an example:

Cleric 7the level + Umbral Court Agent 4the level.

In this case can I cast 5th level spell from the cleric spell list?

You accidentally posted this thread three times!

Yes. You would be the equivalent of a 10th level cleric when it comes to spell casting. Also, even though your domain powers don't get stronger, you continue to get domains spells.

The line that gives you domain spells even after you stop taking cleric levels is:

A cleric gains one domain spell slot for each level of cleric spell she can cast, from 1st on up.

If you look at the Umbral Court Agent chart you'll see in the Spells Per Day column it has a dash at 1st level, and for 2nd, 3rd and 4th it has '+1 level of spellcasting class'. This means that the 1st level in UCA doesn't improve your spellcasting, but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th do. A Cleric 7 / Umbral Court Agent 4 casts as per a cleric of level 7+1+1+1 = 10. 10th level clerics can cast 5th level spells, the answer to your final question is yes.

There are some things which only advance caster level, e.g. the Magical Knack trait. If the cleric above had that trait his or her caster level would be 11, but they would only get the spells per day of a 10th level cleric.

Not only that, but if you wanted to invest in the Prestigious Spellcaster feat, you could even recover that lost spellcasting level and be casting as an 11th level cleric and have 6th level spells.

Grand Lodge

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You're correct. Umbral Court Agent allows you do progress the spellcasting *only* of your existing class. In this case, you could cast spells as if you were a Level 10 Cleric. Note that you would not progress any OTHER cleric abilities, including domain abilities. (It's an interesting question whether you would get your domain spells for 5+. I'd let you at my table, but if it's a PFS table, I don't know).

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You would get your domain spells. Note that the +1 domain spell is in the spells per day progression, not the special features of the cleric class.

A sorcerer or an oracle would miss out on the bloodline and mystery specific bonus spells for prestige class levels because those spells are listed under class features and not in the progressions of spells per day or spells known.

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You do get the domain spells, as they are part of the Spells ability of the cleric. The major thing not received is for spellbook based casters - they do not get their free levelup spells in their book, as that is not part of the Spells class ability.

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