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Wood recorder in Armageddon Echo

Second Darkness

Am taking up the GM seat halfway thru the book, thus maybe there is a reference elsewhere, but on page 73 under treasure it describes: "A recorder made from a kind of wood that defies all attempts at identification and smells faintly of honey. This instrument might fetch...if the nature of the mysterious wood is revealed."

That last part intrigues me. If someone can shortcut me to where else it referenced--or even any other thoughts on this item--it will be appreciated. Thanks.

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I believe that, like the wooden bust of the scarred elven man on p. 51, the recorder was meant to be left as an unanswerable mystery (or one answered or expanded on by the individual GM).

My preference would be for the instrument to be of Sovyrian origin, but I don't think there is any official answer.

Thought it might be an open ended bit to customize. Appreciate the link. Thanks Joana!

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