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How did your group defeat Nyrissa?


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My group just finished Kingmaker, and after the fight with Nyrissa, I was wondering how other groups handled it.

My group consisted of a barbarian 16 wielding Briar, a monk 16, a cleric 16, and a sorcerer 16.
When we first encountered Nyrissa, nobody had any protection against the blindness effect (is there even one possible?). The sorcerer had the blindsense ability from the dragon bloodline, and entered the fable eyes shut.
The cleric went blind, wasted a turn removing it, then spent the next few rounds not doing much with his eyes closed, because he couldn't target anyone.
The monk tried to fight with his eyes closed, but with her high AC, the monk's lowish attack bonus, and the concealment miss chance, he was rolling 8 misses a round.
The barbarian averted his gaze, and swung away, only scoring one hit per round, but luckily staggering her.
The sorcerer (my character) had greater arcane sight running at the beginning of the fight, so I knew all of her magic defenses (barkskin, shield, displacement, *FIVE* resist energy fire spells--my sorcerer was capable of 200+ point of fire damage per turn with a 33 DC). I also did a decent job guessing at what her magic items did from the auras. The sorcerer spent the first few rounds casting a quickened dispel on her, followed by preparing a greater dispel to counter her spellcasting.

The fight would have probably gone slowly in her favor (the sorcerer would eventually fail a counterspell roll against maze on the barbarian, the barbarian would eventually not avert his eyes, and fail a save), and we were only scoring one moderate hit per round. The cleric player and I were discussing how we could negate her spellcasting better (which would allow the sorcerer to target her with greater dispel, removing all those protections), when our session ended. Before the next session, I was trying to figure out how we could prevent her spellcasting, and stop that blindness effect. The cleric didn't have silence ready, but the sorcerer had limited wish.

When we reconvened, I spent a round syncing up the initiative order, so it would be sorcerer, other allies, then Nyrissa, and used a limited wish to create an anti-magic field. After that, she lost her blinding effect, her AC went down to the teens, and the combat was pretty one-sided.

But not every party is going to have anti-magic field, or a wish effect. So I'm curious how others defeated her, particularly how they dealt with the blindness effect.

Were your characters always within 30ft of her? That's the range of "blinding beauty"

Why not just hammer away with your fire spells? The resist fire spells do not stack and only reduce the damage by 30 at most per spell. You could even use them as a "counterspell" to make her fail the concentration check afterwards, probably saver than the dispel magic counterspell.

Liberty's Edge RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32, 2011 Top 16

In the fable, the entire room was within 30 feet of her.

And with her huge reflex save and a ring of evasion, most fire spells would cause no damage, and if she rolled a 1, they would have been blunted by 30 damage.

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