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3rd party Classes and Races


I know that 3rd party stuff is sometimes considered a taboo, but my DM and I totally love the stuff. So my question is anyone have any 3rd party classes or races that they just love, I would prefer stuff that is not on the d20pfsrd, but if you have any on there, I will gladly accept it. I will also like to see if anyone on here has cool custom classes or races that you would recommend whether that be your own or someone elses.

I'm not sure about source pages for 3pp stuff, but I know that Zenith Games has a bunch of guides for 3pp material. I also remember a guide writer named N.Jolly making a bunch of 3pp stuff for a setting called Polyphora or something along those lines.

I like the Nightblade from Path of Shadows, quite a lot of stuff from Dreamscarred Press, and Spheres of Power is excellent if the table goes with its change of pacing.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Might I recommend the Book of Heroic Races Compendium and the Advanced Compendium?

The Book of Heroic Races Compendium details 4 new races: Half-Faerie Dragons (for those that love kender), Reapers (half-psychopomps), Seedlings (a plant-based humanoid race), and umbral kobolds (kobolds that are balanced against the core book races) and presents several other races to play.

The Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium does not present any new races but instead delves deep into 12 races that did not get all that much love: androids, catfolk, changelings, elans, gillmen, lizardfolk, merfolk, samsarans, skinwalkers, tengus, wyrwoods, and wyvarans. Each have their own set of alternative racial traits, traits, archetypes, deities, spells, magic items and suggestions for incorporating them into your game.

Both of these books were published by me and my company, Jon Brazer Enterprises
[/shameless plug]

I like the Warlord class from Adamant Entertainment. I made a dwarf of that class once. The bonuses you give your team are great, we almost never needed to be healed except when fighting the big bosses.

I made a class that my group seems to like called the Raider. It is a full BAB, 4 level arcane (Int) spellcaster, with a supernatural treasure sense ability. This allows you to find hidden treasures within 60ft cone. Like a super appraise ability kind of. The spells all focus on making them a better treasure hunter. I am still retooling it a bit.
I have used it as a class that the pathfinder society trains, and it worked well as a pirate class as well in one game.

Some of my Favorites are:

Dreamscarred Press: all the psionic races and classes from Ultimate Psionics; The Path of War classes.

Rogue Genius (formerly super genius) Games: Time Thief (my absolute favorite class ever) and Shadow Assassin.

There's also a 3.5 book called Mythic Races from Fantasy Flight Games that has over 20 really flavorful races that are pretty easy to convert to pathfinder.

And lastly, on the old 3.5 DND forums, there was a guy...Mavericwolf, I think, that made a class based around controlling and using spellfire in different ways that was pretty sweet.

Freeport: The City of Adventure has some new interesting races and classes. My most recent campaign used the setting, and my wife had great fun playing an azhari (an ifrit-like race) of the pirate-like freebooter class. I am also considering using the new noble class for some NPCs in my new campaign that need more flavor than the aristocrat class gives.

I don't usually use 3pp but I'm GMing WotW and one of my players is a Lord of Darkness Antipaladin.
Honestly, the class itself is weaker than the basic Antipaladin, but it's flavorful and with an intimidate build it is very interesting.
Also... LE. I've always loved LE antipaladins ( you could also be a Tyrant, that is not 3pp, of course).

Honestly... If you take the good 3PPs, like Dreamscarred Press, their work is usually better designed than Paizo's. :P

My favourite would be akashic mysteries, immensely well balanced and has races, classes, archetypes, a new magic system, and new monsters.

If you like a little "weird" or "wild" in your games. Check out anything from Little Red Goblin Games. They've got some fantastic third party races and classes.

Anything Dreamscarred Press or Genius Games is a good bet for awesome stuff.

My favorite "odd" character was a Lurker (Dreamscarred Press half-breeds book, forget name of book and race since my game just called him "lurker") Ungermaw (Little Reg Goblin Games, Gonzo 2), with a good number of monstrous feats from Horror Adventures (devour essence, engulfing horror, etc). Basic idea was a stealthy ambusher that would basically attach to foes (Lurker gets the whole, engulfing attach suffocation thing as a racial trait), Kirby devour anyone he couldn't engulf (Ungermaw lets you play Kirby!), and just hyperfocused on that. After the first time another player got nightmares from my and the DM's description of his tactics, I knew I did my job.

Artemis, You're talking about Dreamscarred "Bloodforged" I think.

Yeah, that one. I've got all my PDFs on a flash drive that I have since misplaced somewhere in the typhoon-zone that is my room.

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