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Adopted Trait

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild

Silver Crusade *

I have a character who may (or may not) have been impacted by a recent FAQ.

FAQ wrote:

Some character options, such as the Racial Heritage feat from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player's Guide, allow characters to count as members of a different race. Can I use these options to count as a member of any race, or only races that are on the list of "always available" races in the Roleplaying Guild Guide?

Typically, you may only use these options to count as a member of a race in the "always available" list. However, if you have a boon that allows you to play as a member of another race, you may apply that boon to a character to unlock the ability to take that race's features with options like the Racial Heritage feat. For example, you could apply a ratfolk boon to a human character to allow that character to select ratfolk-restricted racial options with the Racial Heritage feat, as long as they do not depend up ratfolk-specific physical features. Refer to this FAQ regarding Additional Resources for more information.
Ultimate Campaign pg. 59 wrote:


You were adopted and raised by someone not of your race, and raised in a society not your own. As a result, you picked up a race trait from your adoptive parents and society, and may immediately select a race trait from your adoptive parents’ race.

If my character was adopted by a Gillman, does that March 2017 FAQ also impact my character's original trait selection?

The Exchange ***** Venture-Agent, Kentucky—Lexington

Being adopted by a non "always" race should be similar to bring a cleric worshiping a god that gives you a non-cleric spell. You have that spell because of your god. Other clerics wouldn't. In your case you needed gillman always available or a boon to take that feature.

This was mostly targeted to the tail terror crowd (I think) who refused to accept they couldn't be a kobold. Plus other groups who viewed racial heritage as "I get to ignore that block".

Silver Crusade *


I was looking forward to playing an "Ollie North" type by using the following trait:

Memory Mastery:
[Inner Sea Races pg. 198] Race Gillmen
You can suppress your own memories to help tell more convincing lies.
Once per day as an immediate action, you can cause yourself to forget a single event or fact for a period of 10 minutes. Enemies reading your mind cannot learn the information. Until the memory returns, you gain a +10 trait bonus on Bluff checks to convince others that you do not know the information.

if the character was alredy created and played with dont they get to keep the old ruling?

Silver Crusade *

I should hope so. This character was a long time in the making. (And is beyond 1st level.)

I think this should be move to the PFS subforum where you are more likely to get proper help as your question (and the FAQ) is clearly PFS related and not a "general" FAQ.

Silver Crusade *

Andre Roy wrote:
I think this should be move to the PFS subforum where you are more likely to get proper help as your question (and the FAQ) is clearly PFS related and not a "general" FAQ.


I agree and have Flagged it in hopes that it is moved.

The Exchange ***** Venture-Agent, Kentucky—Lexington

Lady-J wrote:
if the character was alredy created and played with dont they get to keep the old ruling?

They get to keep tiefling was legal.

They got to keep SLA qualifying for prestige because there is a note to that effect.
They often get rebuilds except in cases where "you should have known better" like the pistol training didn't say it was gun training and if you don't pay to fix your character before we FAQ it your character is dead.

That has never been a rule to my knowledge.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Indiana—Martinsville aka thaX

I believe that the new entry is a clarification on what was already in place, that Racial Heritage/Adopted use races from what is normally available in PFS, or use the boons. I misread it initially, and even have a post or two in the blog thread.

So, races available now are the Elf (Half - Elf), Human, Gnome, Dwarf, Halflings and Half - Orcs. The season 8 races available beyond the core book are Kitsune, Nagagi, Wayangs, Tengu, and the elemental races of Sylph, Ifrit, Oread and Undine.

If you had a Tiefling or Aasimar when it was still an available race, you can use their stuff also, or had a character with Racial Heritage/Adopted using their feats/abilities when the races was still available.

From what I understand (or have not understood in the past), The question about boon races was up in the air depending on wording in the Additional Resources, with the Goblins of Golarian being the only outright unavailable without a boon. That was until the Advanced Race Guide came out, that used almost the same wording.

What this does for Orcs is a question I have asked, but it might be assumed that the Half Orc being available will allow for the orc feats/traits, at least from the book about them.

So, from all this, I believe the Gilman selection was never an option.

(So, was there ever a Gilman race boon?)

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