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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Help coming up with Homebrew Deck of many things affects.

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

Greetings Adventurers, I need some of your cool ideas for the deck of many things! Any and all ideas both serious or silly are always welcome. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

3.5 Player's Handbook II had a variant DOMT in it that was kinda cool. It focused on the retraining rules, I think.

As for some of my own ideas...

Horrible Black Void: you are sucked into the void along with all of your gear and forever destroyed with no chance of resurrection. Immediately make a new character. That character receives a +2 bonus to any 2 ability scores of his/her choice and has such an ingrained fear of the DOMT that they will never willingly touch any card again, including tarot cards, and even simple playing cards.

Lifebringer: Whenever you score a critical hit in combat, all allies within 30' (not including yourself) instantly receive the benefit of a cure moderate wounds spell as if cast by a cleric of your level. At 11th level, the range increases to 60', and also provides the benefit of a restoration spell.

Deathbringer: Whenever you score a critical hit in combat, all other enemies within 30' instantly receive the effects of an inflict moderate wounds spell as if cast by a cleric of your level. At 11th level, the range increases to 60', and deals inflict serious wounds instead.

Stormbringer: Whenever you are the target of a critical hit or sneak attack in combat, 1d4 random targets within 30' (possibly including yourself) are targeted by a call lightning spell as cast by a sorcerer of your level. At 11th level, the range increases to 60' and the number of targets increases to 2d4.

Time to start the numbering!

5. Nuanced. Your subtle talents are brought to the fore. Gain a bonus trait of your choice. Ignore the restrictions regarding the acquisition of traits from the same grouping.

6. Shattered glass.. Rebuild your character completely. All old classes must be removed. Ability scores must be rearranged. Retain your race, though you may change racial traits. Your equipment is unaffected, but feats, spells known, class abilities, etc. must change.

7. The Statue.. You are immediately petrified, as if affected by a flesh to stone spell. This may be removed normally.

. 8. The contract. A devil appears before you, willing to grant you your heart's desire if you'll just make a deal with him/her/it. The devil that appears is directly in proportion to the desire. The contract is as valid as always when dealing with devils.

9. The Destroyer. An olethrodaemon appears and begins rampaging across the countryside. It ignores the person who drew this card and all allies within 30' unless they make a hostile move against it. The creature remains for 24 hours before returning to Abaddon.

10. The temptress. A succubus is summoned for the drawer of this card. Her appearance will most closely match the drawer's preferences in sexual matters. She will attempt to seduce the drawer, but otherwise will not engage others unless the drawer resists her advances. If no one present succumbs to her wiles, treat as the Enmity card instead.

11. Divine grace. The drawer of this card is healed of all wounds, afflictions, and ailments. Even the effects of other cards in the deck, such as Euryale, are removed, though this only works on the drawer and cannot thus counter Donjon or the Void.

12. The boon. In the next 24 hours, a powerful NPC will grant the drawer one boon. This could be anything to an audience with the king to a personal service granted by an outsider to shelter from a blizzard.

13. The savant. The drawer of this card has tapped unrealized potential within themselves. They gain one class ability granted at 1st level of a class of their choice. Treat them as having gestalt levels, but only for the purposes of this ability. Their caster level if spellcasting is gained is 1st.

14. The entrepreneur. The drawer of this card gains 100 units of each downtime resource, to be used as they please.

Thanks guys! great ideas!

15. The Weak The drawer of this card takes a -4 penalty to str (and all stats that rely on str)

16. The Lame The drawer of this card takes a -4 penalty to dex (and all stats that rely on dex). Possibly, decrease their base walking, swimming, and burrow by 5-15 (up to GM discretion)

17. The Sick The drawer of this card takes a -4 penalty to con (and all stats that rely on con)

18. The Stupid The drawer of this card takes a -4 penalty to int (and all stats that rely on int)

19. The Dumb The drawer of this card takes a -4 penalty to wis (and all stats that rely on wis)

20. The Ugly The drawer of this card takes a -4 penalty to cha (and all stats that rely on cha)

Likewise, you can change them to +4 and call them
The strong
The Agile
The hardy
The Smart
The Wise
The Good Looking

names can be changed

21. The Lion. You have no concept of fear, demonstrated by drawing from this deck. You are hereafter immune to fear in all its forms, unless from an artifact or mythic source.

22. Time. You are immediately aged to the first year of the venerable age category for your race. If you are immortal or undead this card has no effect. On a dragon, well....

23. Trickster: At random uses, equipment or weapons become a different weapon ot item for 1 hour before reverting. Weapons will be of identical quality as the original (enchantments will be of equal level but different type). A +1 Flaming short sword may become a +2 Whip, or a +1 Frost Shortbow.

24. Affinity: All tiny or smaller animals are enthralled with you, they attempt to follow and cuddle. They remain unhostile to you unless you attempt to remove them or make a hostile action.

25. Beast: Animals perceive you as a threat, being within 30' counts as a hostile action, horses will refuse to let your ride them, familiars and companions will always remain 30' away and must handle animal to get them to perform actions at a -5 penalty.

26. The Spook. A phantom appears before you of your greatest fear and spooks you (Fear 1 hour, no save), each night a spook has a 50% chance to appear again disrupting sleeps. Those immune to fear are merely distracted and confused instead.

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