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Second time around


I am running Kingmaker for the second time, and I have taken the opportunity to refine the world a setting a bit more.

While it has taken a while to work out - this is my take on the Rogavia, Golka, Skyfall story :)

The Rogarvia

Choral Rogarvia was a Sorcerer / Dragons Disciple when he conquered Issia and Rostland intent on welding them into the single nation of Brevoy. And he had a plan, not a piddling little plan like building a new nation – that was just a stepping stone to his greater plan of making himself a ‘Power’ - an immortal, godlike, power.

To achieve the first part of his plan he sold his soul and the souls of his children and their children for rule of a united Brevoy for 200 years. Why Brevoy? Well he wanted Skywatch, because he had learned of the strange powers it guarded. Powers that the Aldori hadn’t learned about, powers that only a serious caster could appreciate, that only the best could use, and only the very best could bend to their will. Choral knew he was that good.

This was why he subjugated most of Issia and Rostland before turning his attention to Skywatch. Once he had destroyed the Aldori fort and secured the tower itself, he started to build a town around it. Over time Skywatch grew into a small walled city and an important Rogarvian stronghold. Unlike New Steven, where they ruled the city via a network of family nobles and subordinate houses, they ruled Skywatch with an iron fist. Outside the city was fairly normal, they appointed a number of minor nobles to oversee the farms and land for them – but inside it was all Rogarvian Magistrates, Guards and Officers – supported by a secret cadre of sorcerers and bards.
Family Rogarvia grew and cemented control, but all of the magically gifted offspring were sent to Skywatch - it was those family members without naturally abilities who were left to rule New Steven and Brevoy – and they certainly had enough strength and guile to do that.

When Coral disappeared it was said that he went into the Gronzi Forest. He didn’t. He locked himself away in the basements of Skywatch as he studied it and worked out how best he could bend its powers to suit his will. Eventually, he managed to take that power for his own – and he is now a Mythic Lich.

When time came for the contract to be upheld, Choral threw up a major spell shield around Skywatch, to protect those inside from the immediate wrath of Asmodeus, for it was to that great devil he had pledged their souls.

Asmodeus took the souls and (in a fit of pique) the bodies of all of those Rogarvians he could reach, and then smashed his hand down upon the world, causing and earthquake and creating a gate between hell and the lowest mines in Brevoy – so that eventually the land and many more souls would come to him. However, that earthquake had an effect on the Golka Mines and caused on of the seams they had been mining to slip badly, and throw everything out of alignment. While the main entrance to their mines is still there, up by High Delve, you go a few yards inside and there is just a solid wall of stone and rock.

Since then, Choral has been busy – the regular citizens of Skywatch were allowed to die from hunger – before being raised as Skeletons and Zombies. Member so the family were allowed to convert themselves to any type of sentient undead they could or they would be converted to Ghasts and Ghouls. One day soon, when the army is built, Choral will drop his spell and his undead army will march to reclaim Brevoy for its undead Lord.

(Just for the hell of it and because I can) As the spell shield drops, it attracts Asmodeus’s attention. He has been waiting for it. Not because he has been done out of any souls (the contract still hold and sooner or later all of those souls WILL come to him, and he has all the time in the word) but because he wants to know what Choral tried to trick him. With a wave of his hand, he repairs the earthquake damage that has been blocking the Golka and his army of devils in. Now the Golka, heavily reduced from the war with the devils have a way out. With an Army of devils following them!

Three way war - Humans (with the PCs as Champions) Vs Undead, Vs Devils ….

(But none of this will happen until after book six is resolved :)

Will there be any foreshadowing? Or is this intended to come out of the blue, fast on the heels of the pcs' war with Pitax?

Fighting armies of undead is bad enough but armies of devils can be significantly worst. You may want to provide the pcs with a possible alliance with Mivon or other nearby River Kingdoms: "Look, we know you don't like Brevoy, heck, nobody likes Brevoy, but I think we can safely agree that we all dislike a nation of undead or devils even more than we dislike the Brevoy jerks."

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

You said that Skywatch is a source of power but what precisely? Where did it come from? Who were the original founders of Skywatch?


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This comes out of the blue - after book 6 - rather than after book 5. Unless they go looking for it - and even then it will have to be all guess work on their part. I don't like the fey much, and for me book 6 is a bit of an anti climax - it really doesn't do much for me - sorting out N is not much different from sorting out A which is not much different to sorting out V ... and tangential to the story line of building a nation and protecting it.

In my setting the Civil War won't start until after Book 6 :) and then it will continue with the Devils and Undead ... and they will truly understand they have built and defended something.

As for allies, the PCs they have a whole six book game to build alliances around the area :) I will be very surprised if they haven't got arrangements with Mivon, Jovvox and Pitax by that stage - as well as Brestove and the other colonies. And of course all the Brevic troops will be at their disposal - assuming they win the civil war and are in charge. If they lose, they will have a chance to redeem themselves.

Who built Skywatch? It doesn't matter. It was millennia ago, so it really doesn't impact on the current story line. Thee disappearance of the Rogarvia, the loss of the Golka and the Sealing of the modern Skywatch all do :) The one important part of that story is the power that is left behind - and that was the 'Mythic' which was Choral's objective in the first place. Truly destroying him after he absorbed that, leaves all that 'Mythic' flying around - and might well lead to a whole new Mythic campaign :)

And seeing it all play out - In all honesty the game isn't likely to get there :) Play by Post games are notoriously slow and it might be seven or eight years down the line before we even get close to it.

However, it helps me make sense of the Rogarvia and how they managed Brevoy. It allows me to draw a map out the political areas controlled by the various houses and gives me a nice power vacuum around Skywatch as well as in New Steven and The Rostand Plains. And it helps explain why Surtova can't just take over by force and bullying :)

I really like it, will use this as inspiration

That allows me to define what is left of the Rogarvia after the disappearance. They break down into four groups - none of them particularly powerful on their own, however if a Rogarvian Bastard could pull them together - they might have the same sort of clout as resources as one of the (lesser) Noble Houses.

These guys are part of the reason that Surtova cannot close out control of Brevoy, or New Stetven.


Viscountess Carmela Rogarvia-Green controls the area around Skywatch. The city itself might be sealed, but in the surrounding countryside life goes on. The Viscountess was married to the Rogarvian Viscount who marshalled the troops that kept the Skywatch countryside in order. When the Viscount ‘disappeared’ one of the officers tried to take command - however, others rallied to her cause, and (with their help) she took control of the region. She might not be the best soldier, but she is a formidable diplomat, and she employs good soldiers.

Now Carmela has married again and rules the local countryside as its Lord. She commands a sizeable army and has a number of minor lords and lordlings who support her. While she is not strong enough to really matter, she makes the old patriarchal lords uncomfortable - particularly as she has married again, borne two children and declared her six year old son to be her heir.

__New Stetven Survivors__

House Rogarvia managed the city via its administration - Tax collectors, weights and measures, licencing officials, court officials - all sorts of posts were controlled by the Rogarvia. And most of the senior people were of the Rogarvian blood, and that allowed them to keep a tight grip on the city and its finances. When those leaders disappeared along with the rest of the Rogarvia, the system coped because people promoted themselves and moved up the chain - but it broke the one-family monopoly and domination of the system.

There are still some Rogarvian spouses active in the administration, others lost their income, some lost their home and some lost everything. With no strong force or guiding principles to hold them together these Rogarvian Survivors have splintered into small factions and have little real political influence any more.

__West Rostland Farmers.__

House Rogarvia had controlled the western part of the Rostland plains – They married into some families and made sure that they made sure that all the Lord-Sheriffs were members of the family. On that fateful night, most of those senior officers disappeared overnight – leaving the region in Chaos. In some places one lordling or another took control of their small area, and while some of these new leaders claimed Rogarvian connections, others had never been strong supporters of the Rogarvia.

Surtova has never had the resources to keep control of Port Ice, make a play for New Steven and control West Rostland. So now the area is splintered with little real leadership or direction.

__The South Stetven Farmers__

South of New Stetven the banks (on both sides) of the East Sellen river is dotted with villages, farms and fishing hamlets. Piers allow boats and small ships to stop and load (or unload) cargo – and they carry Fish, Grain, Raw Linen and Hemp up the river to New Stetven. These settlements run right down to the Brevoy Borders – and their residents are a tough and fierce lot.

The lordlings of these villages (mainly Master of ...) are descended from the leaders of Choral’ s original horde – and while they were loyal to the Rogarvia - they are less loyal to the Surtova and are somewhat unpredictable.

NOTE: Farmers in this context means the lordlings who own manage and control the farming villages and communities. The equivalent of Lords of the Manor or Country Squires who hold the title ‘Master of Xxxx’

I wrote:
the power that is left behind - and that was the 'Mythic' which was Choral's objective in the first place. Truly destroying him after he absorbed that, leaves all that 'Mythic' flying around - and might well lead to a whole new Mythic campaign :)

And I have realised that there are other events in AP as written that could be worthy of Mythic Tier awards - such as the defeats of Vordakai, Armag, and N herself.

That Mythic Lich Dragon Disciple might just give them a fourth Mythic level.

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