Official interest check for Broken Golarion


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This is an official check to see if anybody would want to play in a version of Golarion ruined by 'PCs' who have failed the various APs.(RotRL, Curse, SD, LoF, CoT, KM, Serpent's Skull, CC, JR, Shattered Star, RoW, Wrath)

The basis will is Ruins of Pathfinder save that the events in Reign of Winter are being altered, as I love both Baba Yaga and Elvanna, so I intend to keep both as active players.

Also, the other big event not included in the above link is the failure to close the Worldwound, thus I will be including the info from book 6 of Wrath that details the various nations and what's happened to them.

Characters will be built, in part, using the Godbound rules.

I'd be interested in such a game.

sounds intriguing...

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There was a game that used this setting here a long time ago. I didn't make the cut for that one. Don't know that it lasted too long though. I'll check out those Godbound rules, though if Hero Lab doesn't do it, likely I will be too lazy to do it by hand. I'm far too spoiled.

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Got me curious enough to get the books, and I like the idea, I'll be willing to look into the system more and have some fun with it.

Probably go for a neutral alighned thing, I want to be the Death god ^-^ not the evil "all shall die" but the neutral "Death has no pitty and doesn't pick favorates."

I'm assuming you mean build in part as using only some of the sytem. Are you going to do the rest with pathfinder than?

I will dot this.

william Nightmoon wrote:
I'm assuming you mean build in part as using only some of the sytem. Are you going to do the rest with pathfinder than?

Yea, I don't overly like the nuts and bolts system(atk, def, saves, etc) of Godbound, so my intention is to use Godbound as something akin to Mythic in that it's a system laid atop the basic PF ruleset. That said, I haven't fully read all of godbound yet(I just moved to my grandmother's for an extend stay, and haven't had the time to read it all), so I am not positive it will work. Fairly certain it should, however.

Important note

I, and a few others, have a ton of work, rebuilding and re-doing Golarion. I created this interest check to see if it would even be worth doing all that work.

Thus, I likely won't be officially opening recruitment, and game, for at least a couple weeks. However, I will gladly answer any and all questions you guys might have, either here or via PM.

Let me know when you do get the final decision on how your going to do this. It sounds intriguing.

I suppose the usual stuff...what kinda point generation will you be using, Background and Automatic Bonus Progression, any unusual stuff like Gestalt or Templates, any banned stuff that usually wouldn't be banned and what are your feelings on Third Party content? If you've decided any of that stuff, obviously.

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I'm definitely interested in a game using the godbound system.

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*ker-DOT* :3

I'll definitely say I'm intrigued, though I'll need to check the godbound rules. ;)

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count me as interested as well.

A dot depending on how the campaign eventually shakes out.

yup very interested.

Something I am strongly considering is have this game be more of a 'free form' style.

Ie, due to all the various plots, events, storylines, etc happening, the PCs will be a lot more free reign to go and interact with them on an individual basis.

So, if you decide to play a paladin type, and want to go fight Tar Baphon and the undead hordes in Ustalav, have at it.

Meanwhile, if another PC decides to say screw it and throws in with the demons of the Worldwound, and become an agent of the various Demon Lords, so be it.

There's going to be drastic changes to the Inner Sea, Tian Xia, and other select locales, and I want to make sure the PCs get a chance to interact with the plots they're specifically interested in.

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I must say... that sounds Fantastic. Mainly because I've always wanted to play a Holy Vindicator and this seems like an epic time to do it.

I've looked into all the links, I'm hooked. There are so many possible character options to play and run with.

Such an approach, along with more than one GM, will also allow a higher number of PCs. Encounters will not have to be balanced for a typical 4-5 member party, though of course, they can be if the players want to all tackle one of the plots or threats together.

Haha, got me thinking. Imagine making some sort of organization that would span from the other games with the players, righting wrongs and trying to fix this broken world. Kinda like the Harpers of Forgotten Realms.

very very interested

I am interested, but not too much about the Godbound rules.

Reading over the gifts section now(up to Journeying, but heading to bed), and it's definitely something that can be applied to PF's normal class system.

Alterations will need to be made, but as we're already drastically changing Golarion, we can do the same with the Godbound rules.

That said, let's talk starting level. There's going to be a lot of player/GM cooperation required for this game to be really successful and awesome, so I want my players to be happy with what level they start out as.

Two quick things: 1) Obviously, I have the final decision on starting level, but I will absolutely take my potential player's suggestions under consideration. 2) As we are using both PF and Godbound, starting level might not equate to the same power of Godbound. Ex, if we start at 7th level, you *may* not get 18 points to spend on Words/Gifts.

My personal suggestion is between 6th-12th. I could go lower, but 4th would be the absolute minimum. Conversely, if a lot of people clamored for a higher than 12th starting level, 15th is as high as I am comfortable going.

In terms of starting level I think 7 or 8 would be ideal. At that stage if you choose to build for a prestige class you can do so by then.

Dotting with interest - I'll read the rules and come back when I get a chance.

On the level question 7-8 is something of a sweet spot so I second that idea.

Let's go 4th level.

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I vote for 7-8. Most character concepts are fully fleshed out at that point and you move into facing greater threats than, say, a town or city could face. I would say 8 for the clerics out there as that's when domains get their second ability.

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I use this idea for higher power games, because it helps to let the party see where their weaknesses are before committing to their character. (Sucks to realize you have a whole party of vital strike and improved crit just to go against an ooze.) Our characters are strong, but rusty. They have been level 7 or 8, but we build them at level 4 or 5. Put on a hyper fast experience track (Maybe 1 or 2 battles each level) until our characters are back at their "Full power" moves it forward, but gives us time to build as a party, not as five solo characters.

I've kinda wanted to play a character like that anyway, ala Meliodas.

I think 7-8th would be great...

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I would vote for 6-9, since almost all builds "come online" at that point, giving people plenty of room to play what they want.

I find this quite interesting in concept, though I don't know the Godbound rules.

For those who do not know the Godbound rules, I linked the free version of the PDF in my OP.

As I will not be opening recruitment for at least another week or two(if not longer), you have plenty of time to familiarize yourselves with the rules.


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I'm gonna vote 5, as I like lower level games and 5 is always a good place to hold it.

I would say 10-12, considering how dangerous the world would be now.
That's my vote.

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william Nightmoon wrote:
I'm gonna vote 5, as I like lower level games and 5 is always a good place to hold it.

Normally this would be me, but with the size of the world and the number of 'broken' things, it might be kinda fun to play in the big leagues for travel magic. Having it as a monster of the week sort of game with some teleportation out to the current pain point (everywhere) seems pretty in keeping with the general description. It also lets us do the hide in the shadows thing, which in a world where not only did the antagonist win they won disasterously across all fronts, might be a good plan.

So I'll say if the plan is to really dive deep into one of the various broken bits of golarion, let's go level 6, but if the plan is to see the world as it is changed by failure, we should aim for 10, where our wizard can have Teleport. The best part of this? Failure chance on teleport is like an open invitation to the GM team to throw us into something new and cool that we didn't even know about.

I'm with Nightmoon. Level 5 or 6. By then characters have enough abilities to go up against things and still be challenging but threatening. And usually a character concept comes to fruition by then as well.

I like the idea of 8, personally. A bit more formidable and such, either to get from location to location.

My instinct would be to go Cleric.

I get that people like the teleport idea, personally I like more being able to travel and see the changed landscape and how ravaged Golarion has become. :) But that's me.

Not familiar with the Godboun rules so I'm looking over them now. Anyone know if there's Godbound rules in herolab? Would make character creation much easier.

I might go with a warrior type and make a Hercules type character or master swordsman. That could be fun.

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I like at least 8 for the abilities that appear at that point.

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I honestly think you could let people pick what level they want to be within the expected range. If some people wanna immediately jaunt off to the worldwound and close that up with maximum effort, let 'em pick level 12 for maximum demon-kicking, while another group of players want a gritty try to survive adventure in Ustlav, let 'em pick level 4.

Illia- wrote:

I honestly think you could let people pick what level they want to be within the expected range. If some people wanna immediately jaunt off to the worldwound and close that up with maximum effort, let 'em pick level 12 for maximum demon-kicking, while another group of players want a gritty try to survive adventure in Ustlav, let 'em pick level 4.

I like your thinking!

That would work, except there's a plot reason it can't. Which will be revealed, soon(ish).

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Then judging by the status of things so far, you're going to be disappointing 2/3rds-ish of your player base no matter which you choose.

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Heh, well, honestly I'd also like to play an exotic character, and possibly a custom race. Although I would preffer minimum racial restrictions at the least.

I understand if you won't allow Noble drow and such (I don't allow them myself) all I want is a catfolk... or something like that.

Ok, I've actually got a couple character ideas I'm tossing around in my head.

An Android cleric focused on trying to fix the world or a Kitsune Sorceress high on the social skill end of thing who's trying to bring people together.

And partway through Godbound it seems like it's intended to be used as an independent game on a D&D-esque frame. I take it we'll just be using the divine powers rules?

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Hmm... what other 3pp are we thinking about? I would like to see some SOP in here, possibly some more unique rules.

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I don't know. Layering a system like godbound on pathfinder is complex enough for me. Start throwing in things like spheres and things will get super messy super fast.

SoP, Psionics, and PoW increase the mess only depending on whether you use them or not. That said, when they exist, using them is tempting and may require balancing.

When SoP jumps in, it's a replacement for being a blaster/shapeshifter. SoP just has higher power level and support for those. Magic base still has great utility and support spells, so whether you use Magic base or SoP depends on what type of wizard you're gonna focus on being.

Psionics does do some things better and worse than Magic, but I think while Magic has a higher optimization ceiling, Psionics is easier to max to a broken level on some character types, namely self-buffing gishes (also, intellect fortress...).

PoW is a straight up replacement for being a martial character, if it's in the mix, you're pretty much either a PoW character or an existing class with a PoW archetype/feats. Unless the PoW characters make a gentlemen's agreement to avoid those few absurdly spikey broken abilities (Why yes, I would love a passive +4 AC/Initiative, 15 energy resist and 2d6 energy damage on my attacks as a 5th level character as a side bonus that just get's thrown in), it's just better than martial characters.

In my opinion, SoP and Psionics are alright, pretty easy to balance, most of SoP's broken stuff requires a build entirely focused around one thing/use of "with permission only" advanced talents, and it's pretty obvious when you do, "Hey, you used that one Weather Sphere AoE Apocalypse build someone figured out, could you not?" And they both have areas they lose to core magic, so core magic is not obsoleted by their presence.

PoW on the other hand, has a lot of abilities that are just passively too strong. You can avoid this if you choose the "wrong" disciplines, no one's going to complain about your Piercing Thunder spear fighter rendering other people obsolete. But it would take the most effort to balance in my opinion. That said, a lot of it would boil down to "No, that number is too high. Make it smaller."

And if Illia- is supposed to be in this world as an NPC, she would totally run around teaching people superpowered martial techniques indiscriminately just to see the glorious carnage unleashed.

Also, from what I can tell, Godbound and Pathfinder combat should interact not much at all. Godbound should be for sweeping divine feats, while Pathfinder combat remains pathfinder combat. If they do, oh my, that's already gonna be a mess.

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