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Hi everyone,

I'm new to DMing and surprisingly ran a successful Hollow's Last Hope. I had the party stick around the following week after retrieving the ingredients to help the town and be rewarded with a feast. The wizard helped make potions with Lauren at Roots & Remedies, the paladin and druid to help administered the treatment to the sick, and the slayer helped keep patrol around town. This laid the ground work for them learning about Elara's Halfway House and them noticing the group of kids playing around town.

The biggest questions I have about CotKK are:
1. Do you allow the NPCs to level up during the campaign?
2. What about resting? I feel like the wizard and druid are going to run out of spell relatively quickly even while trying to be conservative and using crossbows and sling.

Any other advise for a new DM on this module?

I know that this is a couple of months old but I'd say, leveling up NPCs is up to you as the GM. If you feel the PCs need stronger allies then level them up. If you feel like the party is handling things fine on their own, don't.

2. The party stopped to rest once when I ran it, the kobolds they rescued were able to tell them that the sacrifice was scheduled for the next night. I also used a variant of action points from 3.5, so the casters were able to spend those to recharge spells. Of course when they rested it allowed that evil, undead Dwarf thing to reform after they'd already beat it once.

Just to add to what Ninja said *who said that?* I generally don't level up NPCs, as I consider NPCs to largely be static. What they've achieved is about the best they can achieve. Certain story-centric NPCs can grow over time, but they are few and far between. I feel it helps the PCs to feel more important as they become stronger.

When I ran CotKK my party of 6 rested at least once during the adventure. They holed up in the barracks room after clearing it out if I recall correctly. Let us know how you handled things, and how it went. Thanks!

Just to add to what you both said, the modules themselves level up the NPCs. Later modules, such as Hungry for the Dead, have the NPCs at higher levels than they were at in Hollow's Last Hope.

So... new GMs should expect that the NPCs are going to level up at module speed. The few NPCs who are important seem to gain 2 levels, while most other NPCs gain 1 or none.

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