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The present state of resources for play

Gamer Talk

What sort of resources are available for a player/GM looking to play, and how much expertise is required to use them?

At the start, there are rulesets like the PRD online, and they are simple enough to access and utilize in a browser. But then there are character creation tools, dice rollers, and the like, that take a moment to learn, but are just as quick and easy to use.

Then you get to things like map makers, encounter managers, and things that are very useful for the GM and the players, but take more time to learn and master. On the one hand, they really make for a richer game experience, but on the other, a lot more time, effort, and money must be invested in order to take full advantage of them, and that investment might be asking too much of some people.

What's the state of the art in 2017? If you're someone like me who's generally time constrained (and cannot carve out a multi-hour block of time to dedicate to gaming) but can access resources at regular intervals throughout the day, what methods of play and GMing are available?

Are you thinking face to face, online (google hangs/Skype), or pbp?

Any and all.

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