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Gargantuan and Colossal pawns

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I would love a Bestiary Pawn package of Gargantuan and Colossal creatures.

Dark Archive

Dreamweaver wrote:
I would love a Bestiary Pawn package of Gargantuan and Colossal creatures.

Me too.

It is doable with the same sheet-size, i took measurements.
Four gargantuan pawns fit on a sheet or 1 colassal plus 2 gargantuan pawns.
You can also use two large bases to put a gargantuan (4x4) pawn on the table or two huge bases for a colossal one.

But it seems Paizo doesn´t want to do creatures this size as pawns, because they fear they wouldn´t sell.

To me it makes no sense to have creatures this size, if they can not be represented on the flip-mat.

I have over 10 gargantuan minis and the colossal red dragon, but i can´t use them for everything and a lot of people don´t have the money for such things, so i think these absolutely need to get made.

If not by Paizo, then by a third party publisher...

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Or you could, you know, use your imagination. 90% of fights against colossal and gargantuan enemies are against single foes, which makes positioning not much of an issue. Since you are already suspending disbelief on the fact that a 5-foot step of a goblin is the same as a 5-foot step of a titan, you might as well mind eye theatre the whole thing, since minutiae of who stands where don't quite matter in such fights as much as they do when tangling with 4 skeletons, 3 zombies and 2 bugbears in a crowded dungeon junction.

Silver Crusade

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I read this as prawns....

Silver Crusade

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For me, simply some bases in that size would be great. I could proxy in some smaller pawns, but the bases are missing!

I ripped a piece of paper for when I threw a gargantun featherless chicken at my party. The very larger monsters rarely move much anyways.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
I read this as prawns....

You're not the only one.

Print off two pictures of a Gargantuan or Colossal pawn in colour(high gloss etc.).

Place both sheets back to back and hold them together somehow maybe a paper clip. Hold up to a light and make sure to cut around both images, ideally it should be a uniform rectangle ending in a dome top if that makes any sense.

Line up each image on either side of a left over pawn cut out sheet. Glue them on. Cut around paper image cut out. Make sure to use a cut out sheet that had a lot of small cut outs.

Mount on two large bases.

Advanced class:

Do the same twice but skip the gluing until later, so 4 images and two cut outs. Make sure all images have the same profile. Cut a rectangular channel from the base of one of the cut outs to the middle. Then top to middle on the other one. Fit them together. Maybe add some tape. Glue the four images into each section. Mount on 4 bases.

You might want use a marker along the cut edges to colour it to a colour you like.

I haven't tried you might end up with a mess. LOL. ;)

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